“Trakker Middle East ” preparing for EXPO 2020

March 4, 2014 9:12 am

Commenting on Dubai’s winning the “Expo 2020,” said Mr. / Naim Abdel Hadi – General Manager of “Trakker Middle East”, the event of EXPO 2020, will cause positive impact for economy in UAE, Where it will attract more investors from all over the world, in addition encouraging existing investors to increase their investments.

Added Mr. / Naim .. the rulers of Emirates are working hard to provide a favorable economic climate, and winning “Expo 2020 ” was one of the fruits of these efforts.

Answering a question: If it still early to concern about “Expo 2020” as alleged by some?
Answered Mr. Naim: On the contrary, the economic movement currently going rapidly and the company aspiring for success has to be on the same level otherwise it’ll be lagged behind.

So the companies working in UAE must do its part to develop their services and elevating the level of performance to benefit from the continued support of the government of the UAE to help investors to overcome the obstacles.

Added Mr / Naim, On other hand the development of performance needs serious researches and continuous efforts, along with the accumulated experience.

According this principle, “Trakker Middle East” have launched its new applications (MOBI) and (On The Road) as additional feature for its solutions for vehicle monitoring and fleet management, the administration of ” Trakker Middle East “always keen to provide its customers with all new to keep pace with developments on the technical level to serve the acceleration of economic in UAE.

Where these new applications (MOBI) and (On The Road) can be operated via smartphones or tablet. Where some of its features are simplicity of use as well as the accuracy of the data, thus contributing to saving time and effort required to perform its mission.

These applications use the latest technology available to provide smart solutions that cater to institutions and companies to raise the efficiency of the performance of their fleets, as well as control of operating costs, which will automatically increases the return on investment , where it keeps the management in constant contact with the fleet (asset) which allows to take appropriate decisions on time.