Warba Bank launches “Transfer Your Salary” campaign

March 22, 2015 11:05 am

Mr. Shaheen Al Ghanem, the Deputy CEO of Warba Bank.

Warba Bank has launched a new promotional campaign, “Transfer Your Salary”, providing customers with an opportunity to receive a prepaid card with a value reaching up to KD 150 immediately when the customer transfers his/her salary to Warba Bank. in addition to this exciting offer, customers will enjoy wide range of quality banking services provided by the Bank.

Warba Bank’s new campaign, “Transfer Your Salary”, aims at fulfilling customer’s financial banking requirements and providing them with the best services through the innovative products and offers fulfilling local market requirements. The campaign also aims at attracting new customers.

The new campaign allows customers who transfer their salaries to Warba Bank during the period from 10th March 2015 to 30th July 2015 to receive a prepaid gift card up to KD 150, whereby customer salary segment from KD 500 to KD 999 will receive a gift card of KD 100 and customers with salaries ranging between KD 1000 –KD 1499 will receive KD 125. Al Safwa account special customers with salaries that exceed KD 1500 will receive KD 150 gift cards.

Warba Bank continues to differentiate itself from peers by providing its customers with a set of services that include immediate issuance of the ATM card with a free SMS service and special benefits to card holders enabling them to enter VIP lounges at most international airports for free. In addition customers will receive a prepaid card from “My Box” which provides the customer with a local P.O Box in United States of America, United Kingdom, and United Arab Emirates.

“Transfer Your Salary” campaign from Warba Bank targets all employed and retired Kuwaiti nationals with salaries exceeding KD 500, newly hired Kuwaitis entering the workforce both at the public and private sector for the first time. And residents expatriates in the State of Kuwait receiving salaries of KD 1000 and above.

It is worth noting that Warba Bank provides Lamar account targeting working women in the public and private sectors with salaries ranging between KD 500 and KD 1499. In addition to all the advantages of possessing this account, customers can also enjoy private and exclusive services and promotional offers that fulfill their requirements and satisfy their expectations. Warba Bank also provides a range of services including the Saving Investment account through which customers receive competitive quarterly profits directly transferred to their accounts.

For more information about “Transfer Your Salary” campaign, customers are invited to contact our Customer Service Center on 1825555, or visit any of the Bank branches.


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