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Warba encourages customers to save with ‘Investment Saving Account’

March 17, 2014 11:51 am

Warba Bank encourages its customers to invest through the Investment Saving Account. The account, which is well-thought-of in the local market, allows customers to invest the proceeds of their savings in accordance with the provisions of the Islamic Sharia.

Profits are calculated at 100% of the account’s lowest balance. Such percentage of profits is the highest and most competitive one in the local market, given the bank’s recent establishment as well as the presence of deep rooted local Islamic banks. The account’s profits are calculated quarterly and deposited in the customer’s account.

Speaking about the new account, Adnan Al Salem said, “Warba Bank’s Investment Saving Account is an ideal saving product offered to customers. It allows them to get returns on their savings and invest such returns safely and in compliance with the provisions of the Islamic Sharia. Profits are distributed quarterly, which makes it possible for the customers to manage their accounts throughout the year.” Al Salem added: “The Investment Saving Account is part of Warba’s expansion strategy aimed at offering innovative Sharia compliant banking products of high quality and flexibility.”

Al Salem concluded, “Warba Bank has created a significant impression in the local Islamic banking market and secured a strong market position in a short time to compete with the existing banks. We are committed to providing our customers with new innovative and quality solutions, which will complement the existing banking products in a modern way that covers numerous aspects of life, while focusing on enhancing the quality of the offered services and keep pace with the developments of market, in general, and of banking services’ sector in particular.”

It is noteworthy that the Investment Saving Account is characterized by the flexibility of withdrawals and deposits. Customers can take advantage of the account by shopping through all local and international points of sale approved by the bank, with utmost privacy guaranteed by Warba credit cards equipped with the ultra-secure smart chip. They can also utilize the SMS service, as well as free internet banking services to inquire about their balances, whilst inside the country or abroad.

Investment Saving Account is added to a series of banking services provided by Warba Bank, adopting the same saving strategy as the Shabab Warba youth account, and the Tala account which enables parents to secure their child’s future with a competitive profit rate. Warba Bank is always committed to enhancing this category of banking products, so as to encourage its customers to adopt saving strategies.

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