1200 patients survived cancer at Gulf International Cancer Center ever since it’s inception in 2007

August 17, 2014 11:01 am

Gulf International Cancer Center (GICC) – Abu Dhabi, which has recently been acquired by Al Noor Hospitals Group, announces development plans to expand its current team of experts and adopt more pioneering technologies and techniques for the treatment of cancer patients. Furthermore, the plan will also include the establishment of a Day-Surgery Unit and another one dedicated solely for the early detection of cancer.

Dr. Kassem Alom, CEO of Al Noor Hospitals Group said: “The acquisition of GICC opens a new window of opportunity for us to add to our existing oncology services being provided at Al Noor Hospitals Group”. “In the coming phase, we will be focusing on early detection, using advanced programs and technologies”.

Dr. Alom added: “The Center has the capacity to accommodate up to 1400 new patients annually, contributing to the oncology treatments and services provided to cancer patients”. “It is very important to detect cancer in its earliest stages to increase the chances of survival and to achieve complete recovery with the range of treatments available, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Dr. Alom highlighted the remarkable support and continuous encouragements received from the Health Authority – Abu Dhabi to further develop the healthcare services and treatments for patients.

Dr. Aly Abdel Razek, Executive Director and Chief of Radiation Oncology at Gulf International Cancer Center (GICC) said: “The Center deals with approximately 3000 cancer cases and receives around 700 cases on an annual basis. Accounting for 35% of all cases received, are locals from across the UAE.

Dr. Abdel Razek added: “Ever since our inception in 2007, 1200 of our patients survived cancer; a majority of them still receive follow-up care and screening regularly. “Breast cancer accounts for 40% of the cases being treated at the Center, followed by malignant lymphoma then brain cancer, gastrointestinal and urinary system cancer”. “Most of the breast cancer cases we receive are detected in the early stage, which is a major factor that contributes to the complete recovery of patients. “It has been established that early detection results in 70% to 80% cure rate in breast cancer cases, 80% in prostate cancer, 90% to 100% in early vocal cord cancer, while the complete recovery of patients with lung cancer and pancreatic cancer may be difficult to achieve when diagnosed at late stages”.

GICC offers chemotherapy treatment in three specialized rooms, all equipped with treatment chairs and the capacity to treat 11 patients at the same time. Moreover, the Center is home to the state-of-the-art PET/CT scanner that detects cancerous tumors and its spread in the human body, using radioactive glucose. This process enables physicians to advise the type of treatment required for each case.

Dr. Abdel Razek stated: “We are in the process of expanding our medical team with the addition of two new doctors; one specializing in radiation therapy and the other in chemotherapy to reach 7 consultants in total, in addition to the 10 radiation and chemotherapy technicians from North America and Europe”.

GICC received its Joint Commission International accreditation in January 2011 and was re-accredited in 2014, meeting the international health care quality standards for patient care and organizational management.