2.5 million viewers and thousands of participations “Rafal Innovation” launches new talented photographer

June 19, 2014 2:40 pm

“Rafal innovation” photography competition in Riyadh, was concluded under the slogan of “Innovating professionally”. This competition which targets to engage amateur and professional young photographers in a two weeks campaign, succeeded in attracting more than two million viewers, and the active participation of amateur and professional photographers, under the sponsorship of Burj Rafal .

This Contest aims to expose young photography talents of both genders. The jury put simple number of criteria for participating in this competition, where participants take spontaneous picture of Burj Rafal from a convenient angle that shows the creativity of the participant and highlights the beauty of the photo. 15 Participants were declared winners, and they were granted an IPhone 5S each as a motivating and honorary award.

Mr. Darwish Bakeer, Chief Commercial Officer, Rafal real estate development company, commented: “Rafal Innovation” Social media competition which was conducted over Twitter and Instagram was an innovative, overwhelming and successful experience by all means. Rafal Innovation Hashtag resulted in attracting almost 2.5 million viewers, and hundreds of active participants, which indicates the size of outstanding talented young people in this country .”
Mr. Bakeer Also added: “Photography is considered to be one of the means of civilized and cultural communication; it contributes to bring out the urban cultural dimensions, which is what we wanted to highlight throughout this competition and this is the reason behind the active interactions in the competition. We also followed a very systematic methodology in evaluating the photos.”

The participants expressed their happiness to be part of this competition which enabled them to post their photo immediately after taking it, in an easy and unique way.

Abdullah Yehia, one of the winners, who came across this competition by chance, commented: “I took a spontaneous photo of Burj Rafal from the top of the financial centre while taking pictures of Riyadh City. I followed the advice of one of my friends and I posted the photo on the Rafal Innovation Hashtag, and I was thrilled to receive a call from Rafal team informing me that my photo was one of the winning candidates.”

Faisal Salem AlThiab also expressed his gratitude to Rafal Real estate development company for providing the chance for young people to show their talents and honoring them, he said: “I took the photo of Burj Rafal and Kempinski hotel at sunset, using a 170? lens camera, and by posting this photo, I became one of the winners in this competition.”

As For Ibrahim Abdullatif, one of the winners who succeeded to capture a creative photo of Burj Rafal, he says: “I took the photo from the top of Tamkeen tower, after I saw the competition on Instagram, and I was lucky to become one of the winners of this competition and to meet the amazing Rafal team.”

It is worth mentioning that “Rafal Innovation” photography competition required the participants to take a photo of Burj Rafal, one of Riyadh’s high class landmarks, and the tallest luxurious residential tower in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.