20 pest control companies warned in Dubai

August 7, 2014 12:45 pm

Eng. Hisham Abdul Rahman, head of pest control section at Dubai Municipality, said, “The civic body, since the beginning of current year , has executed 55 inspection campaigns to combat insects in developers’ residential compounds and 228 random campaigns in different places that resulted into the issuance of 20 warnings to the companies that practices the pest control operations.”

He said, “The most of the violations are given only warnings without fines on the pest control companies for causing minor injuries on which penalties are not applied.”

Eng. Abdulla from pest control section related the main cause to the irresponsible attitude of villa owners who leave their swimming pools and fountains unattended for a long time when they are away from home, which in turn results in breeding and multiplying different types of insects.

“There is a unified system to inspect the places where flying insects, especially blood sucking insects, are found, in addition to the inspection in the areas of developers,” he said.

“Our surveys prove that the pest control operations are generally highly efficient and the companies that currently carries out the work are doing their job in the best way in line with the constant monitoring by Dubai Municipality as part of protecting the public health in the emirate of Dubai,” he explained.

“The Local Order No.(11) of 2003 gives Municipality the authority for monitoring and controlling all pest control operations in the emirate of Dubai in order to maintain the public health and safety,” he added.