44 Qataris join Maersk Oil leadership programme

June 22, 2014 11:16 am

A group of 44 Qatari employees at the country’s largest offshore oil producer have begun an extensive career planning exercise as part of the company’s leadership programme. Maersk Oil’s Qatari Leadership Talent Pool met recently as a first step towards developing personalised career plans for high-performing employees.

Along with schemes like the Qatari Development Programme, which assists employees early in their careers, the Qatari Leadership Talent Pool (QLTP) is a key pillar of Maersk Oil’s revitalised Qatarization Strategy.

Sheikh Jassim Al-Thani, Maersk Oil’s Qatar Head of Qatarization, said: “Qatarization is a core business priority for Maersk Oil Qatar. We have doubled the number of Qatari employees in the past five years and increased those with a Bachelor’s degree but we are committed to attracting, retaining and developing even more Qataris in the future. By 2017 we aim to quadruple the number of Qataris in leadership or senior specialist positions at Maersk Oil Qatar.

“The Qatari Leadership Talent Pool assists employees to fulfil their potential through coaching and mentoring and helps define a clear, performance-driven path for those who consistently show potential for career progression,” Sheikh Jassim said.

Qatari employees are selected for the QLTP based on a track record of successful performance and an in-depth assessment of their leadership potential.

Two consultants from Percepti – a HR consultancy firm – led the two-day QLTP workshops in Doha.

Anna-Elise Oosterhuis, a Senior Consultant at Percepti, said: “I was impressed by how the group responded during the workshops. We discussed the values of Maersk Oil Qatar as a company and its expectations of leaders. We focused on how they can take personal responsibility for their development through skills such as giving and receiving feedback. It was pleasing to see the group’s positive response.”

One of the participants in the QLTP workshops was Ali Ghareeb, a production chemist at Maersk Oil Qatar.

“I’m not a leader in our company at the moment but these sorts of workshops show us what skills and attributes we need to constantly improve. It’s important to plan ahead so I’m pleased that I’ll co-create a career plan with my supervisors at Maersk Oil Qatar,” said Ali Ghareeb.

Another participant, Tarek Mansour, added: “This two-day workshop has helped me identify different personality types in the workplace and given me the tools to adjust my approach accordingly. It’s also taught me a lot about myself and how I can improve to become a better employee and hopefully a senior leader in the future.”

The Qatari Leadership Talent Pool is part of a wider commitment from Maersk Oil Qatar to attract, develop and retain Qatari leaders or specialists. Recently the company launched the second phase of a multi-media recruitment campaign. More details can be found at www.FindYourPlace.qa