5th edition of Beirut Art Fair launches

June 29, 2014 2:57 pm

A press conference was held at Hotel Le Gray, Beirut to announce the program of the 5th edition of BEIRUTART FAIR in the presence of Laure d’Hauteville, founder and director of the fair, H.E. Ms Anita Nayar, the Ambassador of India to Lebanon, Fabrice Bousteau, art critic and independent curator, Pascal Odille, artistic director, Rania Tabbara, VIP relations manager, Yasser Akkaoui, strategic partner, Fadi Mogabgab, gallerist, Rania Halawi, event manager, and representatives of sponsors, partner institutions, galleries and the media.

From 18 to 21 September 2014, BEIRUT ART FAIR organizers will receive at BIEL around fifty international modern and contem¬porary art and design galleries. Exhibiting artists represent all the trends of modern and contemporary art and express themselves through painting, drawing, sculpture, video, design or performance.

According to Laure d’Hauteville, “When we’re asked about the reasons for which we embarked on BEIRUT ART FAIR adventure, we answer that our motivation is to build bridges between cultures, between the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Our passion is to promote an interplanetary dialogue which is mainly based on art. The 2014 edition of BEIRUT ART FAIR will reflect the wonderful dynamic inspired by Beirut, this unrivalled city which attracts avant-gardes, creates a ferment of ideas and encounters and remains, irrespective of the geopolitical context, a forum open to the outside world, to the future and to all cultures.”

The 2014 Cultural Program
Underlining its broad vision of art and of its current challenges, BEIRUT ART FAIR 2014 renews itself via new poles in line with the evolutions of the art market.

Pascal Odille declared, “Our approach, which consists in opening up to all contemporary artistic practices, is the main thread of the cultural program that we propose every year.This year, BEIRUT ART FAIR opens a new bridge towards the contemporary creation in the ME.NA.SA. region by inviting contemporary Indian artists.”

From Delhi to Bombay, the Indian pavilion ‘Small Art is Beautiful – Dharma’ curated by Fabrice Bousteau, puts in the forefront small format works revolving around the theme of the Dharma wheel. According to Bousteau: “The exhibition presents, through a selection of small format works, the transformations of an artistic scene which is constantly growing, changing and evolving, expressive and lively, strong and fragile, active particle and constituent power of the world of contemporary art at the same time.”

Based on an idea by Fadi Mogabgab, who has been presenting and digging for talents for a long time, an engraving workshop has been proposed where visitors can learn this artistic practice.

For the third consecutive year, Byblos Bank proudly dedicates itself to the sup¬port of Photography, as part of its broader mission to revive culture and arts in Lebanon. This commitment, which is an essential part of the Bank’s Corpo¬rate Social Responsibility,aims at helping emerging Lebanese photographers sharpen their skills and widen the scope of their exposure. Launched in 2012, in collaboration with the BEIRUT ART FAIR, the Byblos Bank Award for Photography has become a unique platform for these photographers.

Since design conquered a fully-fledged place in the universe of contemporary art, BEIRUT ART FAIR decidesfor the second year to present the BLC Bank Design platformwhich is dedi¬cated to Lebanese and international designers, with the participation of yet again curator and art critic Jérôme Sanswho is invited to visit this platform and share his “crushes”. Finally, the “video projects” with the “Body Politics” program curated by Silke Schmickl allows discovering the various ME.NA.SA. trends of the video art.

Beirut Art Week 2014
Following the success of the opening edition of BEIRUT ART WEEK in 2013, organizers suggested a new “out¬side the walls” itinerary with the collaboration of the Municipality of Beirut and Solidere, with monumental works displayed on the streets and in the shops in downtown Beirut. From 17 to 24 September, BEIRUT ART WEEK#2 will make Beirut beat to the rhythm of contemporary art and will invite artists to express themselves freely in the urban landscape of the capital.