700 staff and faculty members celebrate Abu Dhabi University’s 4th Annual International Day

March 26, 2014 9:23 am

As part of its ongoing 10 years anniversary celebrations, more than 700 of Abu Dhabi University’s staff, faculty members and their families flocked to the University’s campuses in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to celebrate its 4th Annual International Day.

Booths representing 32 different countries that makeup a part of ADU’s community, participated in creating the day’s cultural ambiance that was presented through folkloric performances, ethnic cuisine, and traditional competitions.

Dr. Terry Motiuk Vice Chancellor of Abu Dhabi University explained, “In its 4th year, the annual International Day is of special significance this year to all members of Abu Dhabi University’s family as it coincides with the University’s ongoing celebrations of its 10th anniversary.”

“It was imperative this year as we celebrate ’10 years of Excellence’ to share our successes and accomplishments not only with our staff and faculty but with their families as well, since they have all been an integral part of ADU’s growth and prosperity of the years and we owe much of our fruitful journey to them. This year the International Day was not only an outlet to celebrate our multicultural environment but it gave us the opportunity to celebrate each other and embrace our diverse campus that hosts more than 60 different nationalities,” added Dr. Motiuk.

Chair of the International Day’s organizing committee, Mirna Al Zaghni, said, “Following our celebrations with Abu Dhabi University’s 10 year anniversary, this year the 4th annual International Day hosted 10 different cultural competitions including Best Country Representation, Best Traditional Attire as well as Best Cultural Dish. More than 32 nations were represented in these competitions by members of our staff, faculty and their family members, some of which included: India, Philippines, Sudan, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Pakistan, and Canada.”

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