Abu Dhabi University launches “For A Thalassemia Free Society” awareness campaign

May 13, 2014 3:33 pm

In a bid to raise awareness on the importance of prevention and control of Thalassemia; students, staff, and faculty at Abu Dhabi University took part in an awareness campaign entitled “For A Thalassemia Free Society”. Coinciding with the International Thalassemia Day, the campaign featured a blood donation drive, an awareness lecture on the best prevention and control methods and the importance of blood donations to help patients who need regular transfusions, as well as a visit to young Thalassemia patients in Burjeel Hospital.

Commenting on the importance of this initiative, Dina Mohamed Event Manager at Abu Dhabi University and the Head of the campaigns’ organizing committee explained that the campaign played a simple role in providing moral support to Thalassemia patients and hopefully translated the exceptional sense of community awareness and support that ADU’s students have. “With the attention and measures the UAE’s wise leadership has put in place to prevent the spread of Thalassemia and to enhance the quality of life of children who are battling this disease, it was important for ADU to participate in this noble humanitarian cause. Community engagement is a fundamental pillar of Abu Dhabi University’s mission and this campaign is one of many activities that focus on social responsibility and community engagement as part of the University’s 10th year anniversary celebrations”, said Dina.

Included in the campaign was a blood donation drive as well as, an awareness lecture provided by Universal Hospital’s Dr. Manohar Reddy, who spoke of the importance of premarital testing and counseling as a prevention and control method of Thalassemia. Dr. Reddy stated that over 70 million people throughout the world are affected by Thalassemia and according to statistics by Emirates Thalassemia Society, 1 in 12 people have the disease in the UAE. “ADU students also visited several children with Thalassemia in Burjeel Hospital in an attempt to provide moral support and entertainment,” added Dina.

Thankful and appreciative support for the “For A Thalassemia Free Society” awareness campaign was provided by Baby Shop and Le Royal Meridian.

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