Abu Dhabi’s Al Wahda Mall celebrates women through platform ‘PURE’ from 8 March

March 8, 2014 11:55 am

With March being an exclusive month for celebrating women, Abu Dhabi’s Al Wahda Mall is all geared up to initiate an 8 – day celebration of women through its platform ‘PURE’, from March 8 to March 15, 2014.

With the theme PURE, signifying Pride, Unity, Responsibility and Empowerment, the women’s celebration platform in Abu Dhabi will kick-off at 10:00 am on 8 March where women are most welcome with their families to enjoy this inspiring platform of fun and reflections initiated by Abu Dhabi’s Al Wahda Mall.

‘Women will have the opportunity to write their stories, their business aspirations, show off their creative talents and even enjoy themselves. They will also get their ‘Proud to be a Woman’ experiences printed in the booklet ‘PURE’, said Nuaman Thakur, General Manager of Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi.

‘The whole concept towards this event is to continue to stage women – the decision-makers of every home and increasingly key contributors of the business world,’ added Nuaman Thakur.

The event flow from March 8 to March 15 will reflect a distinct spirit of achievement and success, as women are encouraged to share their stories on spot when they visit the mall. The eight- day, woman empowering activities at Al Wahda Mall are provided ground execution by GLOBUZZ Events Management Company, based in Dubai.

The highlight for the second weekend of the celebration – March 13 to March 15 will be women writing up stories on their entrepreneurial discoveries.

Speaking on the entrepreneurial twist to the women’s celebration which starts at Al Wahda Mall, Elizabeth Percy, the newly appointed CEO of GLOBUZZ Events Management, said, ‘GLOBUZZ is the brainchild of UAE based businesswoman Gayathri Bhardwaj, who is the founder and director of this seasoned events company in Dubai which powers its clients visibility through innovative events. However, the company itself supports UAE’s international society with events, which adds substance to life. One of the noteworthy upcoming events organized by GLOBUZZ will be Red High Heels Creating Women Entrepreneurs where selected upcoming women business entrepreneurs will be given a business launch start amount of Dhs100,000.’

‘The hype for this contest will start during the 8 – day event at Al Wahda Mall, where enterprising women are encouraged to write their business aspirations and hand over to the GLOBUZZ team at the mall. The top five contributors will be recognized for their business acumen on 11 April 2014 at a grand finale in a luxurious property in Dubai. To participate in this contest, the first platform where women will have a chance is at the Al Wahda Mall Women’s Celebration Event ‘PURE’.’

For media enquiries contact:

Elizabeth Percy
GLOBUZZ Events Management