ADEC launches the first Student Research Competition in Abu Dhabi schools

March 3, 2014 1:57 pm

The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) launched the Student Research Competition that is open to students from all school across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

HE Dr. Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Director General of ADEC, said that the new competition is associated with ADEC’s strategic goals with focus on the development of student ability to research and use, rather than passively receiving information. The competition is also consistent with ADEC’s plan to support and guide all activities that help improve teaching and learning to keep pace with developments in various educational aspects.

“The competition comes in line with other research competitions and prepares young researchers to actively participate in them. Since it is targeting students, the competition is of paramount importance. We believe that research, in general, and educational research in particular is essential for informing decision making on teaching and learning through the recommendations of theoretical and practical research,” said Dr. Al Khaili.

Latest educational research and policies indicate that developing research-based thinking skills among students across all grades is vital, said Dr. Al Khaili.

“It helps develop creative and productive individuals capable of contributing to the socioeconomic development met labor market needs. At a personal level, research enhances researchers’ ability to make objective judgments, think flexibly without prejudice, and solve problems within their contexts and procedural circumstances without overestimating themselves or efforts.”
According to Dr. Al Khaili, research basically aims to “produce knowledge” for a better and safer life.

“In addition, research has become an aspect showcasing a nation’s civilization. Nations use research techniques and secure required capabilities in order to find solutions for their problems.”

“Involvement in research itself can be an exciting and pleasurable experience for researchers. It satisfies their curiosity and appetite for exploration and helps achieve self-realization. Research results also lead to researchers’ satisfaction and pleasure,” the Director General indicated.

The competition is part of an integrated approach to promote research as a culture and a life style, rather than a target, among those interested in education in particular and community members in general, said Dr. Al Khaili. “Research encourages individuals to adopt scientific thinking and use their research expertise to find solutions to all levels of problems facing themselves, families or societies,” he added.

Dr. Masood Badri, ADEC’s Executive Director of Research Office, said that “the Student Educational Research Competition has been designed to help promote research as an integral part of the personality and culture of students and encourage them to conduct self-motivated research. It also emphasizes the importance of education in general, and research in particular, while preparing individuals for success in life and solving problems by following a structured scientific approach.”

The competition encourages students to engage in research activities and acquire problem solving skills. Therefore, it will be free of most restrictions associated with the regular research process. It also promotes research as an effective tool in preparing a qualified workforce that can contribute to the socio-economic development and meet labor market needs.

Other competition objectives are as follows:
1. Train students on researching, report writing, presentation and communication skills and enhance their perseverance
2. Identify, at an early stage, and encourage those with research skills in the area of education, particularly among students
3. Widen educational research and researchers base to include all categories of educational community and cover all aspects
4. Fuel scientific competition among participating students in order to improve creativity, achieve excellence and encourage students to take initiatives
5. Promote participation by community organizations’ in research and encourage them to adopt research to achieve common benefits
6. Use the results of educational research and studies to inform related decision making, and align research projects and future plans of educational development
7. Contribute to the assessment of all aspects of education and school community to include inputs, outputs and operations, and give related feedback
8. Enrich teaching and learning with studies and research projects that serve education and organize its outcomes
9. Promote the participation of high quality research in various local, national and international competitions such as Khalifa Award for Education, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Academic Excellence, and Sharjah Award for Educational Excellence

ADEC’s Research Office developed “A Guide to Student Educational Research Competition” in both Arabic and English. The guide sets out the topics, research specifications, participation conditions, competition timetable, and announcement of results and winners.

However, participants are requested to meet the scientific research basics as much as possible and participate research should be useful, added Dr. Badri.

“This week, the guide will be distributed to all public and private schools in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Gharbia regions as per student number in each school. Meanwhile, it will be posted to the ADEC website,” said Dr. Badri.

“I call upon all school managements and staff to encourage all students to participate in the competition,” he added.