ADEC participates in the 48th Annual International IATEFL Conference & Exhibition

April 2, 2014 2:45 pm

Abu Dhabi education Council (ADEC) participates in the 48th Annual International IATEFL Conference & Exhibition, which is taking place from 2nd to 5th April 2014 in Harrogate, UK. ADEC delegation comprises ADEC’s Arabic Curriculum Section Manager, Dr. Ali Abdul Qader, Ms. Loretta Lynn Riggs and Jihan Sadeq, curriculum specialists, Mr. Mohammad Al-Ghaiti, Ms. Saleha Al-Beloushi, Ms. Mira Al-Khaili and Aklima Al-Rifai from School Operations, curriculum developers and a group of Emirati teachers . This comes in line with ADEC keenness to diversify learning resources and keep up with contemporary pedagogies that would provide students with enriched learning experiences.

This year’s conference will have over 500 sessions including signature events, talks, workshops, forums, symposiums and presentations, where professionals from around 90 countries are able to network, discuss and socialize. The accompanying Exhibition features over 50 exhibitors and packed with all the latest ELT books, products, services and resources.

Dr. Karima Al-Mazroui, ADEC’s Curriculum Division Manager, said that ADEC is keen to participate in such conferences to take advantage of experiences and expertise in the field of language teaching & learning, pursue new methods & strategies, particularly in teaching English as a second language and apply them while teaching Arabic.”ADEC seeks to improve teachers’ and curriculum developers’ competencies to ensure all students have access to best possible experiences”, added Dr. Al-Mazroui.

“The Conference offers delegates a unique opportunity to meet leading educators, exchange ideas with fellow professionals and learn about best practices in teaching” said Dr. Al-Mazroui. She pointed out that the Conference features a wide range of workshops, projects and sessions with leading speakers. She added that Arabic teachers have been invited to attend the Conference to learn from other educators’ experiences and keep up with the latest practices & pedagogies, especially that Arabic teaching requires innovative & effective methods to attract students towards their mother tongue language and enhance their national identity. Al-Mazroui pointed out that the Conference is accompanied by educational exhibition that enables teachers to learn more about the latest technologies and paper-based learning resources. “ADEC will continue to support teachers and curriculum developers to take advantage of various educational experiences & expertise”, she concluded.