AHS expands dermatology services across network of healthcare centers

February 2, 2014 5:42 am

Ambulatory Healthcare Services (AHS), a part of the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), has announced the expansion of dermatology services across its network of healthcare centers to complement its current range of health services.

The AHS centers that provide dermatology services in Abu Dhabi include:

1. Al Shamkha
2. Baniyas
3. Al Maqtaa
4. Al Samha
5. Khalifa City A
6. Al Shahama
7. Madinat Mohammed bin Zayed
8. Al Khaleej
9. Al Maqam
10. Al Muwaiji
11. Mezyed

Dermatology, or the treatment of skin diseases, covers a range of health concerns from acne to skin cancer. The dermatology units at the AHS centers manage the health conditions of patients through appropriate treatment methods. These include topical and oral medications, surgery, immunotherapy, phototherapy, laser therapy and dermato-histopathology.

At the AHS centres, dermatology consultations, diagnosis and treatments for skin disorders include but are not limited to acne, psoriasis, eczema, hair loss, fungal and bacterial skin infections, viral disease diagnosis and management, skin cancer screenings, basic surgical procedures including cryosurgery, skin biopsies and electro cautery surgery as well as intralesional dermo-jet injections for specific skin diseases such as keloids.

Minor biopsy excisions, cryosurgery, electro cautery surgery and intralesional injection are done in all of AHS’s derma clinics. However, excimer laser treatment for vitiligo, phototherapy and laser hair reduction procedure is available only in the AHS-operated Al Maqtaa Healthcare Center. Al Maqtaa Healthcare Center introduced state-of-the-art hair reduction lasers in 2013, which has become popular with patients as the treatment is without side-effects and skin damage.

Dr. Omar Al Jaberi, Chief Medical Officer at AHS stated: “Dermatology is an important field of medicine which has a direct bearing upon a person’s health, self-image and appearance. The demand for medical as well as aesthetic dermatology is steadily rising in the UAE. The dermatology healthcare services of AHS are aimed at providing Abu Dhabi residents with risk-free treatment.”

“The decision to expand our dermatology services across AHS network came as part of our conscious efforts to match the socio-economic improvements that we have observed in our population and to provide quality healthcare services accessible to all across the various parts of the emirate.”

Physicians at AHS healthcare centers provide consultation, treatment and referral advice to patients from Sunday to Thursday from 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Ambulatory Healthcare Services is committed to making the lives of people in the emirate of Abu Dhabi healthier. AHS uniquely combines local research findings and latest scientific evidence in the delivery of its services. As the primary care provider in the emirate, AHS healthcare centers provide medical screenings for the early detection and prevention of diseases.