AHS expands medical specialty services at Khalifa City – A center

May 12, 2014 11:51 am

The Ambulatory Healthcare Services (AHS) center in Khalifa City – A has extended its premier services taking into consideration the high and increasing volume of patients that utilize these services every day. Currently, the Khalifa City – A center ranks second among the AHS centers in Abu Dhabi in terms of patient inflow, totalling between 550-700 patients daily.

The expansion of services at the center has been carried out across four departments – Ophthalmology and Gynecology, Mother and Child Health, and Dermatology.

The ophthalmology department at the Khalifa City – A center offers laser services to avoid complications such as infection in the treatment of the eye. The dermatology department that functioned with only a visiting physician earlier now has a specialist dedicated to the center. The mother and child health department that was previously operational from 7:00am to 3:00pm every day has extended its hours by four hours every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00am to 7:00pm.

The 4D ultrasound machine that has been newly introduced at the Khalifa City – A center is expected to further draw referral patients from other AHS centers seeking high resolution, four dimensional, ultrasound images for accurate diagnosis and prompt commencement of treatment. The 4D scan machine is especially important to detect movements and birth defects, if any, of unborn babies in the mother’s womb.

Dr. Haifa Al Nahdi, Center Manager, said, “At AHS, we are highly committed to the continuous development of our healthcare clinics and services that are periodically upgraded based on the evolving expectations of our patients and their feedback. In line with this priority, we are proud to expand the quality healthcare services provided at the AHS center in Khalifa City – A. The number of specialists and their consultation hours has been stepped-up at many departments to help the center provide each patient with the best medical attention. We are confident our efforts will help to serve our communities better.”

The complete range of specialist services provided by the AHS center at Khalifa City – A now include ante-natal care, mammography, clinical breast examination, chronic disease treatment, dental specialty treatment, dermatology, nutrition, general and minor surgery, general medicine, general dentistry, obstetrics / gynecology, ophthalmology, mother and child care, orthodontics, pediatric medicine, pediatric dentistry, patient and family health education, medical screening, radiology, pharmacy, public health education and periodontics.