Al Ain Zoo staff to undergo training by Durrell Conservation Academy from Jersey, UK

August 28, 2014 12:45 pm

As part of a joint development and training programme, Al Ain Zoo is hosting two top trainers from Durrell Conservation Academy in Jersey, to oversee a training course for the zoo’s senior keepers.

Al Ain Zoo’s senior zoo keepers will have the opportunity to better understand the basic principles of taxonomy, animal husbandry requirements and healthcare for reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals.

Commenting on the training session, H.E. Ghanim Mubarak Al Hajeri, Director General of Al Ain Zoo said, “Al Ain Zoo has a strong partnership with Durrell Conservation Academy to assist us in the training of our staff in animal management best practice, wildlife conservation and sustainability, which is invaluable to the success of wildlife conservation at a global level. The Durrell Conservation Academy is recognised as a world leader in this specialised field of training and we are delighted to welcome the trainers for the commencement of the second module. ”

Zoo keepers will be educated on the importance of animal hygiene, sanitation, good enclosure design, biosecurity, sensible work practices and correct food preparation and handling, in order to minimize infectious diseases. They will also be familiar with the tactics required for the identification of early problems through regular monitoring of health and body conditions of the animals.

The second of six training modules which will be taking place over a period of eight months, will be a combination of lectures at the Al Ain Zoo Education Centre, as well as practical sessions taking place at various parts of the zoo.

Al Ain Zoo works in partnership with entities around the world, such as the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, to share best practice in animal management and wildlife sustainability. The zoo is also strongly involved in areas such as captive management, conservation research, captive breeding, propagation and the reintroduction of endangered species in to the wild whenever it is possible.

Al Ain Zoo is also a member of the World Association for Zoo and Aquaria (WAZA) and is actively involved in several internationally coordinated conservation projects, working with other like-minded organisations such as Durrell Conservation Academy, the Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi, the Species Survival Commission, and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), San Diego Zoo, and the Sahara Conservation Fund.

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