Al Falak reveals 35% of its workforce are Saudi women

May 12, 2014 12:20 pm

The employment of women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has experienced a steady increase over the last few years, which has been widely attributed to KSA companies making the move to prioritize the hiring of female employees. The growth in employment comes as a welcome surprise amidst the fact that the Kingdom has the lowest proportion of female employment as compared to other neighboring countries.

Ahmed Ashadawi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, AlKhaleej Holding, and President of Alfalak Electronic Equipment & Supplies, said, “We managed to achieve a higher proportion of the required employment of Saudi women, they count for as 35% of our employees. We aim to keep abreast of developing and training our Saudi nationals to continually improve the services we provide.”

The statement came on the sidelines of a recognition ceremony for Al Falak’s employees, which was held at its headquarters in the Eastern region. The company honored 132 employees for their many years of service with Al Falak–107 employees for five years of service; 13 employees for 10 years of service; four employees for 15 years of service; four employees for 20 years of service and four more for 25 years. Al Falak has more than 7500 employees, 95 per cent hold university and occupational degrees, including more than 3600 Saudis, while 35 per cent are Saudi females.

Ashadawi explained that that Al Falak employees have kept pace with the company’s growth and development; extending its activities to multiple computer programs and services, communication systems, security systems, education and training and qualification in the field of electronics, telecommunications, computer and the English language. Al Falak Group’s services are now covering key areas like the KSA, Gulf region and the Middle East through its presence in markets of UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait.