Al Ghurair University Dubai organizes 14th edition of open day celebrations of cultural diversity

March 30, 2014 10:14 am

“The Al Ghurair University is committed not only to imparting world class education to its students but also to developing their cross cultural sensitivities. A perfect fusion of these competencies alone holds the key to succeed in the present-day globalized world of work”, said Professor Abdelrahim Mohammed Al Ameen, President, Al Ghurair University, Dubai.

“While the Open Day, held once in a year, is important in its own right, the day-to-day interactions among the students of the AGU, who represent a rich bouquet of multiple cultures, provide a rare platform to them to diversify their cultural literacy, on a continuous basis”, added Professor Abdelrahim.

A Fun-filled Cultural Extravaganza:

The Open Day is a celebration of the AGU’s rich cultural diversity. It served as a platform for the students to showcase their talents in planning and executing world class cultural events of a huge magnitude in a professional fashion. The student-led cultural clubs of a large number of countries, including Palestine, Syria, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Arabian Morocco, Egypt, UAE, Sudan, etc., presented their cultures, through a series of entertaining folklore music, gripping one-act plays, distinct cultural traditions, etc. The Open Day also involved a rich display of the unique cuisines, distinct costumes, and rare handicrafts from different countries.

The exciting dance performances– “Yowla” from UAE, “Dabkkeh” from Palestine, “Bhangra” from Pakistan, etc., presented by the students, literally set the stage afire. Not just the performers; many students in the audience gave in to the festive mood. They took the dance floor, matched the expert dancers, step for step, and provided a great foot tapping time for one and all. A musical band, that played the traditional melodies, added to the mood of the participants.

“The soulful music, the theatrical performances, and the glorious singing, and above all, the multifaceted talent of the AGU students left every one present awestruck”, said Miss Hayleen, President, Sudanese Cultural Club.

A True Learning Experience:

“Open Day was not a mere cultural event; it provided a rich opportunity to the students not only to sharpen their technical, conceptual, and people-related skills but also to learn the practical lessons in the domains of management and leadership”, said Dr. Ameer Al Bayati, Dean, Student Affairs.

Echoing the same sentiment, Miss Jannah Ziadeh, President, Palestinian Cultural Club said: “The Open Day provided an opportunity to the students to learn the value of teamwork, time management, and responsibility, all of which are valuable lessons to learn for a future working life in general”.

“The students’ cultural clubs from different countries were not ‘stand-alone’ entities; the live interface among them and a spirit of give and take, during the course of the Open Day, resulted in mutual understanding, harmonious relationships, and true global connectivity”, said Mr. Ahmed Omer, President, UAE Cultural Club.

“While the students from different countries love their own cultures, their appreciation as well as active involvement in the programs presented by the students from other countries was a pleasant surprise”, opined Mr. Mohammed Ali Parvez, President, Pakistan Cultural Club. “This proactive interface, which is an innovative experiment at the AGU, is a worth-emulating phenomenon”, added Mr. Parvez.


Professor Mohammed Abbas Ali
Director, International & Media Relations,
Al Ghurair University, Dubai
+971 55 4036202