Al- Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker Company strengthens the strategic partnership with LG

November 6, 2014 3:53 pm

Deepened by the long friendship and cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of [South] Korea, the Saudi Korean Business Forum launched in the Korean capital Seoul under the auspices of the Saudi Arabian Minister of Trade and Industry Dr. Tawfiq Al- Rabiah, and with the participation of a number of ministries and agencies, financial institutions, trade unions, agricultural and business associations from both countries. The forum, that will go on for three days, received wide attention due to its high significance in developing trade and investment relations to increase the volume of trade between the two countries.

Progressing from its leadership position within the Saudi market, and categorized as a long-time partner with one of the largest Korean and international companies for more than twenty years, Al- Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker Company (HGISC) ensured that is an active participant at this grand economic event as it is the sole distributor of air-conditions for Korean LG Electronics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

On this occasion, Mr. Jameel Bin Abdullah Al- Molhem, the Managing Director of Al- Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker, said that, “The South Korean business forum has great importance, aiming to promote trade cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of South Korea as the two countries are a major economic force globally and in the Asian continent, and we will be working hard to develop strategic plans and encourage more agreements that contribute to the achievement of common goals, translating our future vision into tangible reality by utilizing the latest modern technologies and innovations that serve market needs.”

Mr. Hakam Abu Risheh, the Regional Director of Al- Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker Company, stated that, “The company continued its success journey at a steady pace and a clear vision which allowed it to become a prominent headline of success as the total air- conditioning solutions provider in Saudi Arabia and the region,” adding that, “the quality of the products and services offered by LG- Shaker to the Saudi market is the key to the success of this partnership, pointing out that it reflects the strong trade relations between the two countries.”

Furthermore, Mr. Fahad Al- Shabibi, CEO of LG- Shaker, stated that, “The leading role of the partnership between HGISC and LG is to support the national industry, reaffirmed by establishing the LG- Shaker factory in 2006 for manufacturing top-of-the line and innovative air-conditioning units.”

During the forum HE Minister of Commerce and Industry and head of the Saudi delegation, Dr. Tawfiq Al- Rabiah, honored Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker Company with the presence of a large number of investors and businessmen.