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Al-Jazeera Paints announces the launching of the Saudi Third Paints and Colors conference 2014

April 28, 2014 3:04 pm

Al-Jazeera Paints, the giant of high quality paints industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and the Middle East, announced the launching of the Saudi Third Paints & Colors conference 2014 in Jeddah city with the attendance of 33 researchers, experts and specialists along with more than 500 engineers, consultants and construction and building stakeholders. The conference will take place at Palace Hall in Hilton, Hilton Hotel in Jeddah and continues over three days from 27-29th of April 2014.

Eng. Nasser bin Mohammad Al-Romaih, Al-Jazeera Paints Deputy General Manager explained that the 3rd Saudi Paints & Colors Conference2014 which is organized by Al-Jazeera Paints Academy includes “Colors, Paints Technology and Green Buildings”, and the number of research papers that will be presented during 6 scientific sessions over two hours every daydoubled than the 1st Saud Paints & Colors Conference held in Abha in 2012 and increased from that of 2013 2ndSaudi Paints & Colors Conference held in Al Riyadh in 2013 as they reached now 33 working papers which is an evident of the expansion of the 3rd conference both from quantitative and qualitative prospective.

He noted that researchers, experts and specialists from 15 countries participate in the conference, among them five Arab countries including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Palestine and Egypt along with eight European countries including Germany, Norway, Britain, France, Austria, Holland, Sweden and Swiss in addition to the United States of America and Canada. They come from several institutes, universities and scientific & research bodies as well as local, Arabic and international companies specialized in paints, colors and chemicals. Along the two speakers from Al-Jazeera Paints experts, there are experts and competencies fromthe US green buildings consultants TMA, the first research institute in the environmentally responsible paints field worldwide, British Global Color Researches, one of the largest international institutes in the field of colors, Dubai Central Laboratory, a government of Dubai lab, Norwegian Jotun Paints, Dow Chemicals company, Crystal company, one of the largest Dioxide Titanium manufacturers in the world.

Eng. Alromaihsees that Al-Jazeera Paints elevated the Saudi Paints & Colors conference globally by gathering this large number of researchers, experts and competencies representing institutes, universities and scientific and research authorities as well as local, Araband international companies that are renowned and specialized from all over the world.He added that this enriches the knowhow and opens the door wide before scientific research in the field of paints and colors, pointing out that this large assortment of participants in the conference is considered an added quality that may help bridge the gap between scientific theory and practical applications and embodies it in the real world which is to be beneficial for individuals, society and the environment in our country and all over the world.

He cited that Al-Jazeera Paints fosters and organizes the Saudi Paints and Colors Conference for the purpose of developing the national industry and the paint industry in particular. It also comes from a solid conviction of the necessity to enrich scientific research, the importance of exchanging expertise and bridging the gap between research institutes, the industry and the paints and colors professionals who execute it. Along that, the company strives to increase society awareness in this regard and consider it as part of its social responsibility as a pioneering national company and as a support for the national economy.

Today Sunday will witness the inauguration ceremony of the conference in addition to two working sessions where Tony Mash from TMA Paints Sustainability Consultants in the United States of America will present a paper titled (For A Real Sustainability In The Paints Industry), Dr. Denish Patel from Bayer Company(Assortment Paints For A New Generation), Eng. Nawras Alrimawi from Al-Jazeera Paints Academy will present a paper titled (The Greener…The Better), Dr. Ali Al Oulian , the Department Head of Dubai Central Laboratory of the Government of Dubai will present a paper titled (A Study About the Components Of Formaldehyde In Water Base Paints), Eng. Bushra Hamid from Jordan Green Buildings Committee will present a paper titled (Green Buildings Paints), Dr. Nasser Alkloub from Balqa Applied Sciences University will present a paper titled (Sustainable Buildings Design), Prof. Omar Badran of Taibah University will present a paper titled(The Impact Of Exterior Paints Color On The Temperature Of Green Buildings), Mr. Nasser Alshaee’ from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals will present a paper titled (Nano Technology Applications In Paints), Eng. Abdullah Moghrabi from Al-Jazeera Paints company will present a paper titled(Environmentally Responsible Road Paints), Dr. Ahmad Juma’h from Crystal Company will present a paper titled (Is White Color The Best Environmentally Friendly? The Impact On The Environment By paints That Contain Dioxide Titanium), Mr. Hussien Habish, the researcher in the history of paints in the southern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will present a paper titled(How To Use, Mix And Apply Colors In The Southern Region Of The Kingdom Historically).

In the second day of the conference, Roziana Roberts, Al-Jazeera Paints Company Colors Design Consultant from Canada will talk (The Directions Of Colors Designs In 2014-2015), AndroTribiani, from Dow Chemicals will touch on (Smart Coating To Improve The Quality Of Air In Closed Areas), Linin De Sosa from Walker Company will talk about (Architectural Environment Responsible Paints), Dr. Amro Obeid from the University of Alexandria of Egypt will tackle (Color as A Sole Identity In Inner Architect), Dr. Jamal Aldulaimy from Al Qasim University will highlight on (Color Scheme And Architectural Style As A Corresponding Entity In Historical Buildings In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia), Dr. Emad Hammad from the University Of Al Dammam explains the (Reciprocity Relationship Between Digital Color Technology And Design), while Khalid Alsubaee’ from Al-Jazeera Paints Academy will highlight on (Colors Blind) issue, Dr. Abdul Aziz Juma’ of Eguptian Al Azhar University will talk about (The Increase Of Corrosion Resistance in Protective Paints By Using Ginger Extract), Mohammad Eid from Al-Jazeera Paints will talk about (Water Base Epoxy Paints), Dr. Hamadah Shukri from King Khalid University will tackle (Light Nano Metric Cement Usages Applications And Solar Energy Reflecting Paints To Mitigate The Consumption Of Energy In Green Buildings).

The third and last day of the conference will witness Dr. Anetty Nourskodge from Jotun Paints talking about (High Performance Exterior Paints), Marco Van Dipole from Elements Institute will talk about (The Development In Controlling Viscosity In Paints), Bernard Hirshman from Alenx (Modern Systems Of The Grinding Of Dyes In The Paints Coloring Systems), Peter Vaughn Trump from the Colwill Institute replies the question about (How The Paints Market Changed In North America), fawlDilaly from Omia Company speaks about (Raw Material In Paint Manufacturing), France Bab from Warrington Labs accreditation tackles (Fire Resistant Paints Using Tumescence Technology), Dr. Sayed Taha from King Khalid University presents a paper titled (Elastic Styrene ButadieneImpact On The Behavior Of Cement), Dr. Elias Khan from the University of King Khalid presents a paper titled (The Impact Of Inserting Air bubbles Process On The Liquidity Of Paints), Dr. Ahmad Abu Amir from the Arab Academy Of Science, Technology And Marine Transportation of the Arab States League speaks about (Quality Design In The Production Process), Dr. Mohammad Awwad Thalji from Balqa Applied Sciences University highlight on the (Green Initiative In Jordan) ,and finally Eng. Esra’ Aljayousi from Al Zahrawi Arab Engineers Encyclopedia talks about (Green Buildings In Palestine…Palestine Environmental Museum As A Model).