Al-Jazeera Paints highlights its health-aware products during Hospitals Design & Planning forum

May 22, 2014 8:58 am

Al-Jazeera Paints, the giant of high quality paint industry in the Kingdom, the Gulf and the Middle East, surprised the visitors of its suite in the 2nd Hospitals Design & Planning Forum, organized by the Health Buildings Architectural Division which is part of the Saudi Umran Society held in Riyadh city recently with highlighting of a number of its health-aware products topped by an inner air purifier for buildings depending on the technology of locking & absorbing Formaldehyde gas from all its various source s.

The new product is (Al-Jazeera Oxycare) is considered one of the latest environmentally responsible paints manufactured by Al-Jazeera Paints that is in line with its adoption of sustainable green buildings concept and its strive to increase the awareness of the importance of health and environment preservation among construction stakeholders and society as well.

Eng. Nawras Alrimawi of Al-Jazeera Paints Academy presented a research paper titled (Paints to Improve the Quality of Inner Air) where he showcased the new paint and its application mechanism in purifying the inner air and improve its quality in different buildings through the conversion of Formaldehyde gas into water vapor. He noted, “Formaldehyde is a dangerous gas according to percentages of its existence in the inner air based on international specifications.” He pointed out, “This gas comes from different sources including cigarettes, some furniture, wallpapers, isolating material and even some kind of paints, explaining that (Al-Jazeera Oxycare) is used in hospitals, patients rooms and can be used in all different rooms in the house along with its availability in many colors.”

As part of its strive and continuous efforts in fostering a safer and securer environment that is healthier and more pure, Al-Jazeera Paints focused on its innovative solutions in preserving the health and the environment during its participation in the exhibition which accompanied the forum as it showcased along with (Al-Jazeera Oxycare) a disinfectant paint against all kind of microbes (Bacteria, algae, fungi and yeasts) for rooms named “Al-Jazeera Anti-Microbes Agion” which uses a highly advanced technology that relies on silver ions to kill and eliminate bacteria in all different health premises such as hospital suites, operating rooms, delivery rooms, quarantine rooms, patients rooms, intensive care rooms and emergency rooms along with medical labs, pharmaceuticals, drug storages, educational premises, food plants and their warehouses, mineral water, kitchens, restaurants, airports, hotels and all kind of high congested populated areas.

Al-Jazeera paints showcased its green buildings products that are free of harmful material and low(VOC) close to zero, topped by its final coating paint (Al-Jazeera Novel) which is characterized by its elegant colors, easy to clean and remove of stains qualities and low odor along with its qualities to bestow grandeur and elegance on painted areas as well as its advantage in giving spaciousness and elegant final touches that are unmatched. It also provides healthy environment for paint applicators and inhabitants of buildings alike which all are unique characteristics that have positive impact on people’s daily lives in houses and large congested areas such as residential& commercial compounds, hotels, hospitals, universities, schools and airports.

Additionally, the company showcased other important products to name a few (Al-Jazeera Ultimate) which is specialized in filling cracks and little holes in walls till the depth of 2 cm and width of 2cm and can be applied only once, (Al-Jazeera Damp 263) which resists fire using tumescent technology, (Al-Jazeera Rival) which resists graffiti on walls along with floor specialized paints products as well.

Al-Jazeera Paints is one of the leading major paints companies. The company established a fully automated plant that is the first of its kind in the region that operates according to latest international technologies in manufacturing water base paints that are environmentally safe. The 320 thousand tons annual production capacity goes for the most part to the Gulf market while other large quantities get deployed to Middle Eastern and African markets. The 35 year old company is full of achievements and successes and considered the first national company that invests in serving and protecting the environment and health of people through the adoption of international standards and specifications that regulate the paint sector, thus seeking to provide healthy living spaces and encouraging work places.

The forum held under the theme: ‘Constants and Variables in Hospitals Planning’ and continued over three days witnessed five scientific sessions and a distinguished attendance reaching 650 from all different government and private sectors. Throughout the forum’s activities, 29 researches were presented by 30 experts and specialized speakers from related different fields from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain, USA, Switzerland, Britain, Italy, Germany and France. They tackled important aspects that are in the interest of Engineering works related to hospitals planning and designs, such as the new trends in designing hospitals, the impact of the environment and sustainability on hospitals, the design and planning strategies, the role of modern technologies in designing and planning of hospitals and the new trends in designing hospitals. They showcased a number of technological and technical experiments and expertise.