Al-Jazeera Paints launches its latest high quality and performance exterior paint “Sald”

March 4, 2014 9:17 am

Al-Jazeera Paints, the high quality paint industry giant in the Middle East and surrounding regions launched its new product, Al-Jazeera Sald, the latest exterior paint that endures harsh weather conditions of the Middle East including high temperatures and ultraviolet radiations.

The new product has a natural beautiful look with multi colors that is inspired from the rocks and gravels that were exposed to water erosions as a result of the waves hitting the beaches turning them into transparent and crystalized sand.

Mr. Abdullah Bin Saud Alromaih, Al-Jazeera Paints General Manger saw in the launching of this product as being a continuation of company strategy in launching products that are unique in their performance and quality and as a way of enhancing company advanced status in the region’s paint market. He saw it also as being keen to providing products that are required by large construction projects. He expressed his hope that this product will satisfy clients and all construction sector stakeholders including consultants, engineers, technicians and contractors.

“when it comes to exterior paints, the need arises for products that are distinguished from paints that are used for interior design. With the grace of Allah, we at Al-Jazeera Paints are keen to fulfill the aspirations of our esteemed consumers and provide them with all that meets their needs and realizes their desires from both kinds of paints with high quality and superb beauty coupled with colors that suit their different tastes”, added Alromaih.

Al-Jazeera Sald is made from pure acrylic compounds that make it capable to endure and bear the harsh weather conditions of the Middle East while elevates its efficacy and prolong its life span. It is considered one of the best and most effective choices for exterior applications and at the same time it is the most beautiful and glamorous of all choices as it contains natural glossy grains and superior specifications including its UV resistance which preserve its colors, water and alkaline resistance which prevents it from peeling and cracking, in addition to its easy to apply characteristics that take a glossy and shiny look on cement and pottery brick. Moreover Sald is easy to clean from dust and all kind of material that stick to the surface after coating it with a transparent layer over it succeeding its dryness. Along that Sald is in line with international environmental standards yet enhancing the image of Al-Jazeera Paints as being responsible toward environment and society.

Alromaih pointed out that Al-Jazeera paints invests millions of KSR in research and development as being the key to innovation and development along with the reduction in manufacturing cost which result in making it available for consumers with high quality and low prices at the same time. He noted that experimentation of manufactured products take center stage in the process of paint production and the company performs such experiments according to Middle East weather conditions which tend to get hot due to rising sun during most days of the year. He stressed that Al-Jazeera paints which hails from this environment knows the weather conditions best and is keen on manufacturing products that are suitable for it. He emphasized that the company relies on Saudi Standards Metrology and Quality SASO standards as a local gauge and the American ASTM as an international gauge in its R&D centers in addition to implementing comprehensive quality assurance standards.

He noted that Al-Jazeera Sald was tested in the company R&D center which emulates the most advanced R&D centers in the world and also tested in the company natural studies research center which is also one of a kind in the Middle East which performs field tests, researches and experimentations. He added that samples of the paints in this center get exposed to different weather conditions all year long for many years that may prolong to 15 years for the sake of determining the life span of the product, its resistance and endurance to such weather conditions.

Al-Jazeera paints is a leading paint industry company that manufactures 320 thousand tons annually of environmentally responsible and high quality paints for the Saudi market, GCC countries , the Middle east and Africa markets. It includes architectural, industrial, marine, decorative and protective paints along with a set of wood, fire resistant and road pavement paints and others.