Al Mutlaq Holdings adds “Creative Home” products to Roomz showroom

July 22, 2014 12:45 pm

Al Mutlaq Holdings, the leaders in classic and contemporary home furnishings, has added American brand “Creative Home” to its range of high-end products in Saudi Arabia and the G.C.C. Its “Roomz” showrooms will now include the new brand alongside existing ranges to provide a wider choice to customers and give them an even more enjoyable shopping experience.

“Creative Home” for home accessories is considered a pioneer brand in the United States and has more than 11,000 showrooms in North America with more than 60 distributors around the rest of the world. Creative Home has won several awards in the United States such as the “ARTS” award as the best factory in the U.S. for home accessories and the factory of the year award “REA”. In addition many well-known celebrities, such as Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift, are supporters of Creative Home products.

The Creative Home range also includes a wide range of antiques, mirrors, home accessories and lighting kits. These products are stand-alone pieces where the customer does not have buy a full range of accessories but instead can buy the accessories that will fit with the home décor of the customer.

Mr. Abdullah Mhd Al Mutlaq, C.E.O of Al Mutlaq Holdings said: “This year has so far been an important one for “Creative Home” with the launch of a major collection of home accessories which received an overwhelmingly positive response from customers around the world. Today, however the award-winning “Creative Home” joins Al Mutlaq Holdings and can be found at “Roomz” showroom. We provide our customers with unprecedented options, including “Creative Home” products, we expect to attract new customers to the showroom and continue our efforts to enrich the shopping experience and to be different and distinct from others in the market.”