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Al Rawabi launches first-of-its-kindmilk on World Milk Day

May 31, 2014 10:16 am

The UAE’s largest dairy company*, Al Rawabi, has launched Super Milk, the country’s first ever fresh milk product that includes five added vitamins and nutrients (A, D, E, calcium and folic acid),specifically targeted at addressing key UAE health concerns.

Super Milk was conceived after extensive product research and development by Al Rawabi tohelp tackle serious health issues in the country, specifically Vitamin D deficiency, hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular issues and low immune systems.

Dr. Ahmed El Tijani, General Manager at Al Rawabi Dairy said of the launch: “We are extremely proud to introduce Super Milk, a multi-vitamin and multi-nutrient fresh milk product that has been developed specifically with the UAE population in mind. We analysed the predominant health concerns in this country and, after a comprehensive testing phase, created Super Milk to help address these.

“Super Milk has the same quality, taste and freshness as all Al Rawabi milk products, but is fortified with added ingredients. Milk is mostly consumed at breakfast time in the UAE**, and a switch to Super Milk allows consumers to easily add essential nutrients and vitamins to their diet and their family’s diet without compromising on taste or convenience.”

One of the key ingredients that Al Rawabi Super Milk is fortified with is Vitamin D.Recent studies have shown that78% of the UAE population***is deficient in Vitamin D, which can lead to bone metabolism disorders, rickets in children, cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes as well as other major diseases.

As Dr. Tijani explained, “Vitamin D is often known as the sunshine vitamin as our body produces it in response to sunlight, however it can also be included in the diet, naturally occurring in some fish and egg yolk as well as in fortified functional dairy and grain products.A 100ml glass of Al Rawabi Super Milk contains enough Vitamin D to meetan adult’s required daily intake and can help counteract the effects of a deficiency of the Vitamin. In this regard, Super Milk is three times as powerful as standard milk.”

The new fresh milk is suitable for all ages and comes in full cream and low fat variants and in three sizes, it includes the following in one 100ml serving:
• 120% of RDA (recommended daily allowance) of Vitamin D, to aid calcium absorption, for healthy muscles, heart, lungs and brain as well as to help thebody fight infection
• 50% of RDA of calcium, to strengthen bones and teeth as well as to benefit muscles, the nervous system and blood
• 40% of RDA of Vitamin B12 (naturally occurring in milk), to form healthy blood and help with the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system
• 40% of RDA of Vitamin A, to maintain the immune system and vision
• 40% of RDA of Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps prevent chronic diseases associated with free radicals such as cancer and cardiovascular as well as help boost the immune system
• 40% of RDA of Folic Acid, to produce healthy red blood cells and prevent anemia, as well as contribute to a healthy pregnancy

To mark the introduction of Super Milk, Al Rawabi has launched a fun initiative called My Super Family to celebrate every ‘super’ family in the UAE. The initiative kicks off on 1st June, World Milk Day, and the day that Super Milk is available in UAE retail outlets.It aims to communicate that a healthy family is a happy family, and that a nutritious diet is essential to ensure the good health of all members of a family, as well as to raise awareness that a poor diet not only impacts health but also happiness.As an example, some studies show that Vitamin D deficiency can trigger depression and symptoms include fatigue, lack of concentration as well as restless sleep.

Every family can get involved with the My Super Family initiative by showing in a picture what makes their family ‘super’, and sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and including the hashtag: #mysuperfamily. All those who participate are entered into a free draw and could win one of eight family holidays as well as being featured on the Al Rawabi Super Milk Super UAE Family billboard in September.