Al Reyada School reaccredited with British Council’s International School Award

February 1, 2014 10:40 am

Al Reyada School, Ras Al Khaimah has been crowned with the International School Award yet again. The Award recognises the work done by the school to ‘bring the world into the classroom.’ Al Reyada School was one of the first schools in the UAE to receive the Award in January 2011. The school applied for reaccreditation as the validity of the Award is for three years.

Mr Adil Ahmed Al Marzouqi, Department Manager, Institutional Excellence at the Ministry of Education handed over the prestigious trophy and certificate to Mrs Maryam Al Shamsi, Principal of Al Reyada School at a ceremony held in Dubai on the 2nd of February. Mrs Clare Grundy, Deputy Director, British Council, Dubai and Mrs Sandy Bevan, Regional Project Manager, Schools, British Council, Middle East and North Africa were also present at the ceremony. The ceremony included a presentation of the school’s International School Award journey by Ms Layla Ali Hamad, the international coordinator.

Marc Jessel, Director, British Council, UAE said, “Many congratulations to Al Reyada School for proving once again their calibre in bringing in an international dimension to their students’ learning. It gives me great pleasure to mention that the Ministry of Education has now approved our Award and will work with us to promote it in the UAE.”

“I hope that more schools in the UAE will take up the challenge and embed internationalism across all curriculum subjects and all year groups, thereby enriching the entire curriculum of the school and thus creating students who are globally aware and prepared for life and work in a global society,” added Jessel.

The International School Award (ISA) is a global accreditation scheme recognising good practice in incorporating the international dimension into schools. The Award acknowledges school collaboration internationally and provides a framework for recognising schools that:

• champion international work and collaboration with partners to build and develop lasting relationships.

• benchmark best practice and share professional development in teaching and learning.

• engage young people in both the global economy and global citizenship and develop their skills for life and work.

• support whole-school projects that contribute towards school improvement.

• enrich education through international work.

Mrs Maryam Al Shamsi, Principal, Al Reyada School, said, “I am extremely proud that Al Reyada School has been reaccredited with the International School Award. As a school, we have always strived towards giving our students an international outlook by creating awareness of global issues and encouraging them to take positive steps to tackle them. I believe that this global accreditation will push my teachers and students forward and open the windows to them to be involved in the world’s wide experiences.”

In 2012/13, more than 900 schools received International School Award accreditation. These include a wide range of schools from a variety of different backgrounds and geographical areas across the world. The Award is now available worldwide in the Middle East, Caribbean, Africa, Europe and Asia. Around 17,000 schools have received the International School Award since the scheme began in 1999.


Ms Priya Nandagopal
British Council – UAE
T: +971 2 6910606