Al Yasra Foods empowers consumers to reduce the number of food poisoning cases in Kuwait by hosting “Food Safety Week” across cooperatives in Kuwait

February 5, 2014 5:13 am

“Safe Food, Safe Family”, a food safety educational program set forth by Al Yasra Foods hosted week-long campaigns called “Food Safety Week” at various cooperatives across Kuwait to educate citizens and residents on food safety best practices during their grocery shopping and at home. Each campaign concluded with a competition to test local shoppers on food safety tips that were displayed and learnt around the cooperative through the week.

The initiative kicked-off with a campaign at the Zahra Cooperative Society and was then hosted at Lulu Hypermarket, Saad Abdullah Cooperative, Khaldiya Cooperative, Rawda & Hawally Cooperative, Shamiya & Shuwaikh Cooperative, Adailiya Cooperative and Jabriya Cooperative.

“Safe Food, Safe Family” nutritionist and spokesperson Dana Ghareeb said: “Food Safety Week at coops is a key pillar of the educational program we set forth at Al Yasra Foods. Our ultimate aim is to reach out to the majority of households in Kuwait on the four practices they need to follow every day to ensure their food is safe for them and their families.”

Ghareeb added: “Through Food Safety Week at coops, we want to get the consumers thinking about the choices they make before they start purchasing their food items. This is done through information displayed throughout each coop, a booth that features educational material and food safety videos in five different languages, as well as a “coop-map” that we created to guide consumers in the safe order to purchase and separate their food items.”

Patrons of the cooperative were also given food safety literature in five different languages – Arabic, English, Hindi, Malayalam and Tagalog to cater to the diverse demographic in Kuwait,” Dana Ghareeb added.

The week culminated with a grocery cart competition that tested how well consumers understood the basics of food safety through Food Safety Week. Three winners who were able to shop and pack their grocery carts in the safest manner walked away with a grocery cart full of food items worth 50KD.

As part of Al Yasra Food’s ongoing commitment to promoting food safety and health in Kuwait, “Safe Food, Safe Family” will be hosting Food Safety Week at other various cooperatives and hypermarkets as well as other monthly events that will be open to the general public, and showcasing the most important aspects of food safety.

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