Al Zahra Private Hospital Dubai hosts a Staff Blood Donation Day

January 30, 2014 10:00 am

The newly opened ultra modern multi-speciality Al Zahra Private Hospital in Dubai launched its corporate social responsibility calendar for the year 2014 with a special Blood Donation Day initiative in collaboration with the Dubai Health Authority. The campaign aimed at raising awareness and encouraging its staff to save lives by donating their blood.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi, Managing Director of Al Zahra Private Hospital, was one of the first donors during the day. Sheikh Mohammad Al Qassimi stated that “Al Zahra Hospital maintains its high standards of accountability and ethical practice to serve the UAE community in the best way possible. That’s why, we have a year-long corporate social responsibility agenda which includes initiatives that will aim at raising awareness and increasing the detection and prevention of an array of under diagnosed and sometimes undertreated diseases that are hidden health threats to people living in the UAE.”

Most staff members from various departments along with the top management team of the hospital enthusiastically volunteered for this special initiative. It included Doctors, Nurses, along with Security, Marketing and Administration personnel. Ladies proudly flocked the donation room constituted up to 50% of the donors.

All the participants underwent mandatory health check prior to donating their blood. Complementary refreshments were distributed to the donors after their donation.

The Staff Blood Donation Day was held as an initiative by Al Zahra Private hospital along with the active support from the Dubai Blood Donation Centre, Latifa Hospital, Dubai.

Dr. Jorn Boel, Specialist – Orthopaedic at Al Zahra Hospital, one of the donors originally from Denmark commented “Blood saves lives. I have been donating for over 10 years. It’s good to donate blood from a health point of view because it gets regenerated in the donor’s body. Moreover, its gives me immense satisfaction for having contributed to an ever growing critical need of our society.”

“I have donated my blood once before in Pakistan where I hail from and I feel good when I know that my blood will help someone who is in an urgent need. It can even save a life. It makes me very happy” enthusiastically added Wakas Ahmed, a security guard at the Dubai hospital.

As one of the key regional independent healthcare provider, serving both the local and international communities residing in the UAE, Al Zahra Private Hospital understands the ongoing demand for blood which is proportionate to the fast growing population of the city along with healthcare facilities. In the coming months, the hospital plans to organise a blood donation campaign that will involve the general public as well.