Alliance Global Group to promote EndoPredict prognostic test for breast cancer in MEA region

June 16, 2014 10:56 am

Alliance Global Group has entered into an exclusive agreement with Myriad Genetics GmbH to promote the EndoPredict prognostic test that will assist physicians in making more informed decisions and personalizing cancer treatment for patients with breast cancer.

EndoPredict is a multi-gene prognostic test for breast cancer patients.

Based on the activity level of the genes, the EndoPredict score determines whether a particular patient needs chemotherapy or whether an anti-hormonal therapy alone constitutes sufficient treatment.

The test requires a standard punch biopsy or surgical specimen, and the results are available within 10 days.

“AGBL is very happy to see the EndoPredict test added to its portfolio in partnership with Myriad,” said Dr. Nassim-Marie Hambouz, Group Commercial Manager, Alliance Global.

“With the integration of EndoPredict into our portfolio, we can now offer patients complete solutions for genetic screening and prognosis that will enable their physicians to better choose and manage their therapy regimen,” he added.

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