Arab countries rank among leading pharmaceutical importers in world

August 4, 2014 1:55 am

Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce offices in São Paulo hosted a workshop on 30 July, 2014. Brazilian pharmaceutical industry executives attended it to learn more about the workings of this industry in MENA, Zawya has reported. The workshop was led by Dr. Michel Alaby, General Secretary and CEO of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, International Business executive Rafael Solimeo, and Business and Markets manager Rafael Abdulmassih. “The Arab countries rank among the leading pharmaceutical importers in the world, and are the 23rd leading export destination for the Brazilian pharma industry. In his presentation he showed that last year, Arab countries imported a combined $18.59bn worth of pharma products from the world. Brazil, however, only accounted for $11.57m of that sum. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq and Emirates are some of the top Arab pharma importers.