Arabian Gulf University wins award for Outstanding Research in ENDO-2014

April 22, 2014 12:40 pm

Ms. Amina Mohamed Al-Awadi, a PhD candidate in the College of Medicine at Arabian Gulf University, won the Outstanding Research Award at ENDO-2014 endocrinology conference, which will be held in June 2014 in Chicago, USA. Ms. Al-Awadi’s study was on the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), supervised by Prof. Wassim Y. Almawi, Chairman of the Medical Biochemistry Department in the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences.

Prof. Almawi pointed to the significance of the findings in Ms. Al-Awadi’s research, which won her the award. In essence, it highlighted the contribution of inflammatory, coagulation, biochemical, and hematological changes in the development of PCOS, and the subsequent manifestation of the disorder. PCOS is a common disorder that affects women 5% -10% of in their reproductive age (12-45 years), and is a major cause of infertility. It is linked with hormonal and biochemical changes, in particular hyperandrogenism (increased male sex hormones), and insulin resistance, a risk factor for the development of diabetes. Women with PCOS typically have irregular menstruation, and secretion of excessive amounts of androgen hormones.

Ms. Al-Awadi holds an M.Sc. in Medical Biotechnology from the Arabian Gulf University, and her study is the result of the fruitful collaboration with Dr. Naeema Mahmoud, Dr. Entissar Al-Zaman, and Dr. Samira Madan (Salmaniya Medical Complex), Dr. Mona Areqat and Dr. Nasreen Al-Sayed (Arabian Gulf University), and Dr. Fekria E. Mustafa. Current research in Prof. Almawi’s laboratory is further investigating in details the genetic profile of women with PCOS, so as to improve on the patient diagnosis, follow-up and treatment.

ENDO-2014 is the world’s largest endocrinology meeting, which presents provides latest advances in hormone research and clinical endocrinology. ENDO 2014 provides endocrine researchers and healthcare workers a program that covers endocrinology from bench-side to bedside. It will feature this year 88 symposia, more than 72 clinical sessions, and state-of-the-art plenary sessions, presented by international experts in all areas of endocrinology.

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