Areen Design Services features among best rated company in ‘Interior Design’s Top 100 Giants’

February 17, 2014 8:12 am

Areen Design Services, a UK based wholly owned subsidiary of Roots Group ARABIA, has been ranked fifteenth in the “Interior Design’s Top 100 Giants”, a list published in the reputed British magazine “Interior Design”. The list contains the top 100 companies in the field of interior design and for its first time entry Areen Design Services scored the high ranking of 15.

The high standards, sophistication, and originality of designs Areen created for the five-star hotels, palaces, and luxury resorts throughout the world were the main reason that led it to achieve this position. As an interior design company, Areen is known for adding commercial acumen to creativity. As a supplier, Areen always brings in a design focus to procurement. The unique knowledge enables the company to protect the integrity of a project, while meeting the realities of deadlines and budgets.

Areen has undertaken numerous interior design projects in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In Saudi Arabia, one of the best works of Areen is the dazzling design of Makkah Clock Royal Tower – A Fairmont Hotel, which in itself has been selected as one the best hotels in the Middle East.

Engineer Samir Al Shubaily, Deputy CEO, Roots Group Arabia, declared, “For its first time entry, Areen is proud to be classified as 15th in the top 100 interior design companies throughout the globe. This reflects and represents its success as a company whose designs are modern, sophisticated, and strongly compete with major international companies based in various countries.” He also thanked all Areen employees, around 200, who work at the company headquarters in London, and further added, “The business of interior design has clearly improved after the financial crisis in 2009, and we’re seeing a steady growth in the size of the projects implemented.”

Areen Design Services is 100% owned by Roots Group ARABIA, and it is worth mentioning that the 2013 revenues of the group is SR3,437m, with a net profit of SR297m ( before minority interests ). RGA has more than seven thousand employees, and although its main business is in Saudi Arabia, it also operates in the UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, China, Malaysia and Nigeria.

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