ASQ UAE celebrates World Quality Day

November 25, 2014 12:49 pm

Imagine for a moment a world without Quality. Imagine millions of customer experiences going wrong every moment – at work places, in hospitals, driving cars etc. American Society for Quality community in United Arab Emirates celebrated World Quality Day in Dubai on 18th Nov.

2014 to raise the global voice of quality and focus the attention of corporate leaders on the importance and use of quality in our day to day life.

Program was designed and developed by ASQ local member community executive team members considering the needs and expectations of local UAE business community and latest happenings in the world of Quality such as Global State of Quality, Culture of Quality, Key Changes in forthcoming ISO: 9001 year 2015 version, QC Circles in Schools, Six Sigma case study, “Little known facts about Dr. Joseph Juran”, 68 years of ASQ’s History. To make it interesting, engaging and fun learning, quality puzzles and quality quiz championships were held. Also, attendees we asked to share their views on”What is Quality for them?”, “What would it be to live in a world without Quality? Their “Favourite Quality Quote” which they actively participated in.

A 2 minute silence was observed to pay tribute to Dr. Armand V. Feigenbaum, American quality control expert and businessman who passed away at the age of 93 on the 13th Nov. 2014. Dr. Armand devised the concept of Total Quality Control, later known as Total Quality Management.

Highlights of the day were a scintillating presentation by 15 children from City Montessori School from Lucknow, India to share their case study on Stage Fear. Children made an excellent demonstration of the use of Quality Tools, methods and techniques and stole the show not only for their content, but also for their enthusiasm, contribution to the Quality and high spirit. Children brought amazing energy, innovation and inspiration to the day and kept the momentum high.

Mr. Sunil Thawani, ASQ Country Counsellor – UAE announced ASQ UAE Quality Professionals Award, first of its kind award launched in UAE. Award is designed to recognize the achievements, efforts and contribution of quality professionals in the United Arab Emirates in year 2015.

Mrs. Nancy Nouaimeh, Chairperson, ASQ Local Member Community Dubai and the Head of Quality- Abela & Co, was presented prestigious ASQ Testimonial Award, from ASQ Chairman, for her commitment and contribution in raising ASQ’s profile and the Voice of Quality in the UAE and providing leadership to members CEOs, Quality Leaders and quality champions from Government, public & private sectors from UAE, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, UK, France and India attended the event and joined thousands of people around the world to celebrate World Quality Day.

“World Quality Day” was a great success not only as an event but also as an opportunity for raising awareness among corporates, professionals and giving a fresh momentum to passion of Quality and Excellence in the region.