Atyab Foodtech successfully conducts certified ‘Food Inspector Training’ course within the Sultanate region

June 7, 2014 9:24 am

In its continuous endeavour to ensure maximum food security and maintain high standards of food safety and hygiene, Atyab Foodtech LLC (AFT) is currently conducting 10-days ‘Certified Food Inspector Training Course’ for Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources. The course consists of eight days of classroom training and two days of practical training at Food Establishments.

The training covers basics of food hygiene, GMPs, HACCP and ISO 22000 standards and detailed techniques for conducting hygiene inspections at Food Establishments like hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, fisheries, poultry farms, food retailers and any kind of food processing industries.

The training provides inspectors with up-to-date information about the basics of food inspection and the science behind food production. The training also prepares them to use critical thinking and interpersonal skills they will need as they work to verify that the industry is producing safe food.
Several batches from various municipalities have already been trained from Rustaq, Ibri and Nizwa etc within the last two months. Now, eligible staff from Musandam, NorthBatinah, Sharqiyahshouth and Sharqiyah north are yet to be trained in the coming few months.

Some of the major training services include: HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), ISO 22000:2005 (Food Safety Management System), ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System), IMS (Integrated Management System), BRC, 18001:2007 (OHSAS), Quality plan with special approach towards quality control, GMP’s, Six Sigma, Risk Assessment, Food Security Management etc.

Mohib Ahmed, GM, Atyab Foodtech commented, “We are developing food safety trainings as per regional safety challenges and in line with regional and international food safety laws and regulations. We could deliver trainings in different languages including Arabic, English, Hindi/Urdu, Malayalam etc.”
Internationally approved consultants and trainers.

AFT’s prime objective is to render services to food industries, catering companies and food outletsto enable them to comply with local and international food safety laws and regulation and stand up to the competition in international markets through improved services and performance. CIEH and Highfield approved world-class training facilities help the organisation undertake the responsibility to enhance a company’s human potential. Atyab’s training rooms are state of the art and can accommodate more than 50 participants where experts strive to bring out the best from various trainee batches.

Effective food consultancy services
AFT’s unique food consultancy and laboratory services are manned by a highly efficient and dedicated core group of professional food consultants and technologists with diverse background. Their principal consultants are food scientists, food technologists, food engineers, microbiologists, Agriculturist, pest control technologist and chemists with a rich history of achievements in the food and nutraceuticals industries.

Integrated Pest Management Services (IPMS)
IPMSoffered by AFT brings global pest control standards closer to your doorsteps in Oman, delivering effective, eco-friendly pest control solutions that ensures pest free environment for home, offices, food industries, restaurants, warehouses, hospitals and hotels.

IPMSare an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common knowledge and practices. IPM is not a single pest control method but, a series of pest management evaluations, decisions and controls. Professionals here work on integrated pest management concept by effective and environment friendly approach that relies on combination of common knowledge and best practices.

Our line of services for both commercial and residential premises includes:
– Tailor designed IPM program for food industries complying standards of ISO, HACCP, GMPs
– Rodent Control
– Stored Product Pest Control
– Termite Control
– Fumigation Service ( for Mill, Warehouse, Container, commodity and grains)

Accredited laboratories
AFT laboratories are independent accredited laboratories that employ only approved and recognized methods and procedures for microbiology and chemical testing. These methods include AACC, AOAC, ISO, FDA, USDA, USFDA, APHA, OS and GSO standards. AFT labs has developed expertise in regulatory analysis of food and agriculture products as per GCC and Codex standards and can play a major role in support to the food industry in the form of its analytical services and technical guidance in product development and R&D.