AUST launches campaign to welcome locals for academic & administrative positions

July 21, 2014 12:49 pm

Ajman University of Science & Technology (AUST) launched a campaign to attract nationals to join its workforce in both the academic & administrative capacity. This furthers the initiative pursued by many public and private institutions that are attracting locals to be an integral part of their operations as human capital.

Mr. Osama Saeed Salman, Vice-President, AUST explained that, “Ajman University seeks to attract skilled locals who hold Ph.D. and Master’s Degree for the multiple positions within Colleges and their specializations. Varying in nature and rank the offered positions can be availed in the Applied Science based College of Dentistry, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Information Technology and also in the Arts and humanities based College of Law, College of Mass Communication & Humanities, College of Education & Basic Sciences and the College of Business Administration.

He further elucidated, that AUST has adjusted the pay scale and benefits offered, thereby proposing a bouquet of allowances and benefits to the locals. The University is keen on choosing the most qualified and skilled professionals to enrich the students and impart valuable academic and scientific knowledge and expertise to the students who are the future of the nation. The environment at AUST fosters and promotes the development of skills, innovation and extended its utmost support to scientific research.

Mr. Osama also pointed out that the University is currently attracting local administrative staff for its various departments. AUST has adopted a series of measures to encourage locals to join, which include not only a suitable remuneration package and benefits but is also implementing pilot program to integrate career building and enhancing developmental programs. They can avail the opportunity that AUST extends in assisting its employees to complete their education at AUST and undertake various training modules to support their charted career path. The professional growth programs assist in equipping them with the skill set required to successfully attain leadership at their designated jobs and careers.

On the other hand, Ajman University is also welcoming qualified human resources from the citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), for the academic and administrative positions.