AUST students reach out to Special Needs People

March 4, 2014 4:05 pm

Ajman University students from the Department of Sociology & Social Work at the College of Information, Mass Communication & Humanities keenly participated in a lecture organized by Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services to promote in the active inclusion of special needs individuals in our social fabric.

Under the theme of breaking the barriers and opening doors for people with special needs, Dr. Samia Mohammed Saleh delivered a lecture entitled “The art of dealing with mentally challenged people”.

The SCHS campaign aims at inculcating a sense of commonality between humans regardless of their physical or mental abilities. It also aims at emphasizing and promoting the importance of supporting individuals with cognitive disabilities.

AUST students’ enthusiastic interest in this topic was very encouraging, especially that it highlights the methods of communicating with special needs people,” remarked Noor Al Shagouri, Community Services Officer at AUST.

The inclusion of this category of special needs people into our society should be eased by a warm welcome and comprehensive understanding of their abilities. This will enable them to enjoy a decent and discrimination-free lifestyle. Observing a certain self-discipline towards acknowledging their shortcomings will help us in understanding their expressions.

The eagerness of AUST students was evident by their generous volunteering for this group. They look forward to assist this campaign in every way they can. Ajman University avails of every opportunity to expose its students to such national initiatives, which promote community services.