Baruni says its commercial edge is driven by Dubai’s pioneering retail fashion trends

August 19, 2014 3:34 pm

Baruni, one of the top selling regional fashion house, says the commercial edge of its brand is driven by Dubai’s pioneering retail fashion trends that have produced so many home-grown brands.

Baruni has just announced plans for the Summer Season 2015 (SS15) Collection for wholesale buyers and fashion agencies in early September 2014. The company, known for its impressive quality and outstanding styles, has started receiving requests from the region’s leading whole sale buyers who are keen to enhance cooperation with the renowned fashion design guru, Fadwa Baruni.

The SS15 collection, planned to be officially out in the storesby the end of January 2015, will be the brand’s twelfth collection. Baruni has recently stocked its ‘olive tree and purple’ collection across 9 outlets in the GCC region and expects further additions to the network.

Commenting on sales of previous collections, Fadwa Baruni, Founder of Baruni brand, said: “Our collections are very attractively priced and sales have been brisk in all outlets in the region. Our client – base is expanding dramatically, and we started getting requests for orders a few hours after our announcement of the SS15 collection.”

Baruni Couture Collections are created by Fadwa Baruni, whose influences are drawn from the structured world of engineering, her professional career in Europe and her North African heritage.

Contemporary culture has a strong bearing on her designs but her family heritage goes back to a leading family in Tripolitania in the early 20th century, which too has a strong bearing on her style. The company’s collections are available in 9 outlets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, with headquarters in the UAE.

Baruni said: “Our success over the past few years has helped boost confidence in the Baruni brand. Our Brand commitment is that when women walk into our partners outlets, irrespective of the nature the occasion they have in mind, they will find high quality, chic dresses at affordable prices.”

“Baruni has built extensive connections with buyers from the GCC in a record span of time. The focus on quality stimulates the interest of buyers across the region, who seek garments with international standards and local manufacturing touches.”

“Recent growth in sales growth of the brand across the region have been encouraging. The market for clothes with quality, cultural sensitivity and chic style is large and growing dramatically and we continue to seek partners to build on this growing market.”

The Baruni Couture collection is designed for the woman who enjoys a full life and who requires a wardrobe to suit, whether relaxing at home with the family, making presentations at the office or partying with friends.

The brand is planning to launch the first sneak peek E-lookbook of SS15 collection by September 2014. The company is currently targeting buyers who are interested in pursuing this opportunity.