Bawadi Mall attracted 709,416 visitors in February 2014, up 7% from February 2013

March 23, 2014 1:51 pm

As a sequel to its infotainment campaign launched last year to showcase the Pharaonic and Andalusian themes, Bawadi Mall has featured the African theme with a cultural entertainment program and performances portraying the spirit of Africa.

Reporting 709,416 visitors in February 2014, an increase of 7% compared to the same period last year, Bawadi Mall offered its visitors throughout the month an all-encompassing cultural experience through a series of dynamic heritage shows performed by well-known African bands.

Khalid Shraim, Senior Marketing Manager, Bawadi Mall, said: “We have created an “infotainment” approach to offer our visitors a fun and educational experience. These seasonal themes celebrate major civilizations and take visitors on a historical journey.”

Similar to other themed promotions designed by Bawadi Mall, the African theme focused on the art and heritage where the marketing and production teams created models of African culture symbols, accompanied by a brief description of each symbol. The cultural performances also featured a colourful array of performances that reflected the African spirit.

“Last year similar campaigns attracted a large number of visitors from all around the UAE and the region. We carefully study visitors’ preferences and then tailor the campaigns. We think that we are adding qualitative value to the shopping bonanza in the mall.”

Around 11 three-dimensional portraits of the most famous figures from the African continent have been created, along with explanations on relevant beliefs, the peoples who use it and for what purpose. Bawadi Mall organised an average of 4 daily shows at different periods of the day targeting different segments of visitors.

“We erected the models in different parts of the mall and these were well received by visitors as well as our 400 tenants. The main stage for the African performances was constructed in the main atrium of the mall,” added Shraim

“As the largest mall in Al Ain city and one of the major destinations for visitors and tourists, we devise infotainment campaigns that attract the whole family in an ideal shopping environment. We innovate through various attractive initiatives that are welcomed by the multi-national and the multi-cultural community of the UAE,” concluded Shraim.