Berger Paints takes pro-active steps to safeguard health

March 26, 2014 1:37 pm

At a time and era when corporate brands are extremely conscious of their Corporate Social Responsibility, Berger Paints has been working towards implementing measures that will positively impact the environment at large as well as improve the workplace of the employees.

In most manufacturing industries, one of the major concerns is the emission of powder or dust that poses a major health hazard. Several studies have shown that continuous exposure to harmful dust can cause several diseases in humans. An environmentally conscious company, Berger Paints has been a pioneer in its industry to discontinue the use of harmful chemicals, provide eco-friendly paints that are safe even for children.

Recently, it has installed an effective mechanism in its factory that helps remove all macro and micro dust particles up to 2 – 3 micron from the air through an effective Dust Extractor system that has a capacity of filtering five million litres of air per hour. This works on the principle of ‘capture, convey and collect’. On being trapped at the source itself, the dust particles are conveyed through a series of ducts and collected through a filter. The air is clean enough for the operators to work on the shop floor without masks. But most important, the recovered powder is also put to use by incorporating it back into the paint.

“At Berger Paints, we are constantly looking at ways to not just beautify homes but to do so in an environment that is safe and healthy as well. The dust collection system is one of the many steps that we have taken for our employees. It is a practical, safe and effective method that keeps the environment clean and improves breathable air quality,” stated P.K. Raj, General Manager.