Bin Mirza International joins hands with environmental initiatives at home and abroad to mark Earth Day 2014

April 23, 2014 10:40 am

In solidarity with the worldwide environmental movement, Bin Mirza International (BMI) will celebrate Earth Day 2014 by supporting both local and global initiatives through its Second Cup and BreadTalk branches across the Sultanate.

Second Cup Oman will join its branches around the world in planting trees in Brazil, Haiti and Tanzania each time a customer orders a cup of Cuzco coffee sold to mark Earth Day. The global program will support the regeneration of agricultural land in coffee producing countries to replenish damaged soil and create new opportunities for development in rural communities.

Earth Day themed cupcakes and cake pops will also be available at BreadTalk Oman branches, with all proceeds going to support conservation campaigns run by the Environment Society of Oman (ESO).

Jannat Moosa, Marketing Director at Bin Mirza International, said, “Second Cup Oman is dedicated to providing a sustainable future for coffee growing regions and contributing towards the global Second Cup target of 10,000 trees. Through this program, we are improving soil fertility and creating a renewable source of natural green fertilizer to provide feed for livestock and produce honey, generating additional income for farmers, workers and mills in agricultural areas.”

She added, “ESO plays a vital role in raising awareness of environmental issues in Oman and encouraging public participation in conservation efforts, and we are proud to join hands with them for Earth Day. We look forward to serving our customers with freshly brewed, fair trade, organic Cuzco coffee and delicious cakes at all our Second Cup and BreadTalk branches across the Sultanate while supporting important social development projects.”

As BMI continues to grow in the Omani hospitality industry, the company will focus its efforts on supporting social and environmental initiatives both at home and abroad to ensure the preservation and sustainability of people and the planet. A reflection of its exceptional service and customer care, BMI will continue to encourage and join together with projects that truly make a difference in the communities it serves.

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