Biolab introduces non-invasive method to measure transcutaneous bilirubin in newborn infants

March 31, 2014 9:36 am

Biolab, the exclusive Biomnis dealer in the Kingdom, recently introduced the Drager jaundice meter serving as an effective addition to its top-notch equipment inventory. This device presents a non-invasive mechanism to measure transcutaneous bilirubin in newborn infants, consequently dispensing with the need for traditional jaundice screening and unnecessary heel pricks that form major stress.

Offering a fast and efficient method for diagnosis, the Jaundice meter makes routine jaundice screening 100% pain free, while eliminating the risks of infection for newborn babies. By placing the meter on the baby’s forehead, a digital reading is made available in a matter of seconds rather than hours thus allowing for faster diagnosis and treatment.

“As always we strive to be pioneers in the medical field, and this addition to our services embodies our aims to introduce new innovations to the healthcare field,” said CEO of Biolab Dr. Amid Abdelnour, “More specifically, our aim is to provide fast solutions for pressing health problems and especially those that affect newborn infants.”

It is worth noting that the jaundice meter is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics as it offers accurate results in a non-invasive way.