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Biolab participates in the free medical day organized by the Circassian Charity Association

May 14, 2014 2:48 pm

Biolab, the exclusive Biomnis dealer in the Kingdom, recently participated in the free medical day organized by the Circassian Charity Association, which was conceived with the purpose of diagnosing prevalent chronic illnesses including hypertension, diabetes and obesity, in addition to raising awareness on the risks and preventative measures associated with these conditions.

The free medical day, which was patronized by the association’s president Senator Samir Qardan, garnered heavy traffic due to the high quality of services provided by Biolab’s team, which included diagnostics, consultations and awareness seminars.

Biolab’s CEO Dr. Amid Abdelnour underscored Biolab’s commitment to actively support national efforts toward combating chronic illnesses that have high prevalence in local communities and which result in substantial human and economic losses. He explained that hypertension is considered the most widespread chronic disease in the Kingdom, occupying around 39% of all chronic diseases currently afflicting Jordanians. Diabetes follows relatively closely at 29%, according to statistics issued by the Ministry of Health and the Department of Statistics. He further noted that instances of the obesity epidemic are also on the rise in the Kingdom, currently affecting approximately 82% of Jordanians.

Biolab is a pioneer in applying advances in medicine and science to laboratory testing, providing a broad range of medical diagnostic services to individuals, physicians, hospitals and other laboratories, in addition to offering a wide array of medical, scientific and consultancy services in the fields of health and diagnostics. Leveraging on cutting-edge technology, high caliber staff and an extensive insurance and bank affiliate network, Biolab offers its patients an unparalleled premium experience, prioritizing reliability, accountability and convenience.