Bourn Hall IVF Clinic joins hands with Dubai Herbal Treatment Centre (DHTC) to offer alternative and wellness treatment during the IVF Process

June 28, 2014 11:02 am

Bourn Hall IVF Clinic has announced its partnership with The Dubai Herbal Treatment Centre, provider of conventional (Allopathic) and complementary & alternative medicine in the UAE.

The move was aimed at extending the services of BHC as well as DHTC. While DHTC offers natural treatments like Acupuncture and Osteopathy as well as the supporting service of councelling which helps patients to relax and increase their probabilities to conceive while undergoing IVF. DHTC patients can benefit from the highly profressional IFV treatment offerd by BHC if natural treatments won’t be enough to realize couples dreams of parenthood.

There are studies linking acupuncture to conception and the treatment has been conducted on women undergoing fertility treatments. Many experts point out that this ancient medical art may also work to help encourage fertility, for couples who are trying to conceive naturally.

Dr David Robertson, Group Medical Director of Bourn Hall Clinic Dubai says: “We are very pleased to partner with The Dubai Herbal & Treatment Center, a fully-integrated medical centre offering a wider range of health and wellness treatments and therapies. Acupuncture, in conjunction with IVF, greatly enhances a woman’s chances of conception.”

Dr Maria Ridao Alonso, medical director of The Dubai Herbal & Treatment Center comments: “The Centre opened in February 2003 to provide complementary remedies along with allopathic health treatments. Alternative medicine such as acupuncture is a successful tool that treats the root cause of infertility, increases in vitro fertilization (IVF) success and prepares men and women for pregnancy. We are pleased to partner with Bourn Hall Clinic to fulfill the aspirations of couples who are dreaming of becoming parents.”