Burger Joint NY lands in Abu Dhabi

August 3, 2014 3:49 pm

Following the success of its branch in Dubai City Walk, popular New York eatery, Burger Joint NY, has expanded its presence in the UAE with the opening of its first restaurant in Abu Dhabi. The famous U.S. burger brand’s newly opened eatery in the capital is located in Nation Towers, Corniche Road.

“burger joint ny is delighted to be able to bring its famous New York burger experience to the UAE capital with its new outlet that has opened for business in Nation Towers,” said Ali Bashir, Director of Operations at RRM.

“Now residents and visitors to Abu Dhabi have the chance to enjoy the ultimate American-style home-made gourmet burgers set in the authentic surroundings of a Big Apple burger restaurant, complete with original New York décor and furnishings,” he added.

burger joint ny prides itself in serving up the finest home-made burgers. Burger Joint NY burger meat is chilled and not frozen, unlike the preparations in most other burger restaurants. A specialist in-house butcher minces the prime cuts of Top Shoulder Certified Angus Beef to create patties that are then chargrilled over red-hot coals that have been specially imported from the USA to ensure an authentic American burger taste.

“At Burger Joint NY, flavour is paramount. We serve our prepared patties in soya-based hamburger buns, giving our customers a lighter burger with a ‘less bun more burger’ home-made burger experience,” said Bashir.

“The importance of letting the taste of the meat shine through is reflected in our policy of using only select natural toppings to accompany each serving. We believe that the juicy taste of our burgers is best appreciated when they are served up with only the finest, freshest natural ingredients,” he added.

The new Burger Joint NY `Nation Tower outlet’s décor has been designed to be reminiscent of the brand’s original hidden location. It features an intimate interior closed off by a huge red curtain and accessed by a front door down a dark hallway illuminated by a neon-lit burger sign. The sense of exclusivity is enhanced by the restaurant’s wood panel and red brick interior, with authentic touches including a portrait of one of the city’s most famous residents, Andy Warhol. Visitors to the new eatery can enjoy the company’s burgers, fries and thick shakes whilst sat at stylish wooden tables and chairs, with the floor layout also including a dining area off to one side that can be closed off for private events.