Café2go wins best brand during third Gulf Forum for SMEs

April 30, 2014 9:39 am

Café2go the pioneers of camel based products was declared the best brand for entrepreneurs in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (GCC). The award was presented during the third GCC small and medium enterprise (SME) forum held on April 14 – 15, 2014 in Kuwait. As a winner, Café2go goes forward to represent the GCC in the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit, taking place in Australia in July.

The Forum themed as ‘Our Promising Gulf’ was organized as a support mechanism to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and discussed different frameworks of cooperation between the public and private sectors. The Forum discussed frameworks of cooperation and complementarities between the public and private sectors, and reviewed some of the successful experiences in Kuwait and other Gulf States by hosting businessmen and leaders, representing various sectors in the Gulf countries.

Café2go is well known as the pioneer and innovator of drinks and food using camel based products. Options such as Camel Chino (Cappuccino with camel milk), Camel Latte (Café latte with camel milk) are just some uniquely named drinks along with camel milk smoothies, camel milk shakes, camel milk gelato, and sandwiches such as camel fajita, camel hotdog, camel cheese, camel salami and camel mortadella.

“We are honored and delighted to win the best brand for entrepreneurs in the GCC. Café2go is by far the most unique concept in the café industry and this award goes to prove it,” said Jassim Albastaki the director general of Café2go. “I am looking forward to representing the GCC region in the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit coming up in Australia. This will give us an opportunity to present and highlight our unique concept and attract international franchise partners,” he added.

Since its inception in September 2011 Café2Go has expanded to over thirteen branches across the UAE. Camel milk was on the menu alongside regular cow’s milk from the beginning and has proved so popular that Jassim AlBastaki decided to take the business model across the globe. By successfully developing a franchise structure through Francorp Café2go has sold several franchises in Libya, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Pakistan with an aggressive plan to extend global presence in 2014.

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