Career classes can help increase Emirati work force, says expert

April 28, 2014 12:14 pm

The country wide implementation of career classes in educational institutes would help youth with improving their job search methods, CV writing and interviewing skills, which according to Hamza Zaouali, managing director of locally based Emirati recruitment firm IRIS Executives, are in some instances very basic.

Career classes, a growing trend in educational institutions, provide students with tools to integrate career options with talent, values, interests and experience. They can also cover job-search strategies such as marketplace research, strategic resume writing, networking and interviewing.

Speaking ahead of the Al Ain Education and Career Fair, which opens on 28 April at the Al Ain Convention Centre, Zaouali, an official supporter of the event, states that private international universities in the UAE have welcomed the approach and usually implement it on a facultative approach, but government universities however have not been so forthcoming.

“When we approached some government universities in Dubai that have almost exclusively Emirati Students, I was informed that they were satisfied with the current career classes they are implementing for their students, sensing that they are not looking for outside professional advice. Both Employers and Job Seekers are from two different “planets”. We are not saying this pejoratively of course, but our daily work with both allows us to see how different their perceptions of each other are. What Job Seekers, especially the youngest ones, perceive and therefore expect from the job market is often very different from what they should. Their job search methods, CV writing and Interviewing skills are basic and often not in line with what employers really expect,” said Zaouali.

Career classes can help future job seekers understand what is required of them and put it in to practice, before actually entering the job market. This would in turn help young Emiratis insert themselves faster and more effectively in the market.

“We are convinced that if Emirati Schools were to adopt this curriculum, it could get more Emiratis in to the work force, and at a faster rate than it is currently. There are more and more Emiratis graduating every year who are looking for a career, therefore employers have an ever increasing selection of potential candidates. This creates increasing competition amongst Emiratis, which in turn exposes a need for a more sophisticated approach to the management of their career, especially on the job search front,” added Zaouali.

Sponsors for Al Ain Education & Career Fair 2014 include GHQ Armed Forces, ADVETI, Institute of Applied Technology, ETIHAD Airways, ADNOC, Al Khawarizmi International College and the New York Institute of Technology.

Participating education institutions include the Emirates College of Technology, Emirates College of Advanced Education, Al Ain University, University of Sharjah, Khalifa University, the University of Jazeera and many more.


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