Centralized access management solutions to help drive in increased productivity and enhanced efficiencies for Middle East businesses

August 26, 2014 12:20 pm

The implementation of a centralized access system and comprehensive security solutions for mainframe enterprises are leading to increased productivity and enhanced efficiency of companies and organizations in the Middle East region.

Across today’s complex information technology (IT) environment, end users are faced with a multitude of different account names, authentication requirements and associated (complex) password rules. This results in continued pressures on IT helpdesk organizations to spend much of their time responding to password reset requests instead of attending to and supporting real IT problems.

Organizations lose millions of dollars due to this lack of end user productivity. The complexity is further compounded by the deployment of Cloud and mobile applications. An organization must therefore implement a centralized access management and simplify password management of user accounts to address the challenge. This prompted Al Falak to conduct a session to educate companies on how to establish a centralized system within their organizations.

Stanley Hibbert, Technical Manager for Al Falak Electronic Equipment and Supplies (Software Products Division), said a centralized system helps enhance employees’ productivity. The company also showed the benefits of the comprehensive Vanguard security solutions for mainframe enterprises. Al Falak recently relaunched the Vanguard brand throughout the GCC region and has successfully reestablished its presence as a leader in the IT market, particularly in the mainframe system security domain.

The Al Falak and Vanguard session was done during the recently concluded Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (GISEC).

GISEC, an annual event which aims to increase information security awareness in the region, provides numerous opportunities for professionals, industry leaders and stakeholders to gain insights and share expertise with each other. It showcased the latest market trends, services, innovative IT security systems and other emerging technologies including virtualization, cloud computing and social networking.