Chikhani Event Planner brings magic to Las Salinas 5 opening ceremony

August 16, 2014 9:05 am

A dream opening with a great touch of creativity is what Chikhani Event Planner brought on Friday August 1st to the ceremony inaugurating “Las Salinas 5”, the latest and most spectacular addition to this topnotch sea resort situated at Enfeh in North Lebanon.

More than 2,000 guests were there to witness the unusual opening of this world-class new resort including figures of society, politicians, religious personalities and military officials.

Commenting on the success of the opening event, Michel G. Chikhani, CEO of Chikhani Event Planner, stated, “Our team puts its touches on every event we work on with full dedication and passion, while no concept we have planned is similar to its precedent. For every event, we design a special theme that suits the spirit of the place, the occasion and the people. Our high end intervention at Las Salinas 5 proves our capabilities in presenting new entertainment concepts in Lebanon and most importantly our ability to implement those ideas with a careful eye on details.”

With a luxurious resort that encompasses 180 chalets, 12 villas with full amenities, besides its 100-meter lagoon pool, along a SPA and a gym with high end lifestyle amenities and different sports facilities, Las Salinas 5’s opening party reflected perfectly this spirit of lavishness, as Chikhani Event Planner’s 250-strong team dazzled the attendees with an unprecedented entertainment program, having the whole resort at Las Salinas illuminated the Hollywood style.

The uniquely designed ceremony was held in two areas including the welcome drink area that comprised of 3 entertainment locations where a saxophonist, a pianist, an electric guitarist and a bassist were playing at the same time. Whereas the main event zone, was organized on a huge stage and featured 3 LED screens as guests enjoyed 6 hours of amusement with an exceptional number of performances including a special appearance by U.S.

based Singer D. Harris and another by a renowned group composed of 6 artists, as well as many shows including the Barrels Fire Show, and an artistic parade that fired up the crowd. The Chikhani Event planner team didn’t miss a detail in this celebration, providing every sort of entertainment as guests enjoyed the pass-around cocktail, while every lady felt special at the ceremony as a mime gave each female guest a white rose.