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City Mall launches ‘Fashion Makeover’ Competition

May 15, 2014 3:38 pm

City Mall, in cooperation with U Magazine, will be offering three lucky ladies the chance to win a new makeover with the help of fashion experts by signing up for the Fashion Makeover competition, which will last for three seasons, starting this May.

Those interested in participating can fill out a form available at the competition’s booth on the ground floor or by visiting City Mall’s Facebook page and submitting the online form ( http://bit.ly/1g9HMaL ). The application deadline for the first season was May 16th and the submission date for the next season will be announced, all applicants should be 18 years old or above.

The makeover process starts with a shopping tour inside the mall accompanied by fashion experts from U Magazine to select the most suitable outfit and accessories for the winner. The fashion experts will ensure that the lucky winner gets the perfect look, addressing every aspect of her beauty; including hair styling and makeup to offer her a new look at a cost exceeding JD500.

Ms. Maram Enaya, Commercial Manager at City Mall, said the Mall – The City’s Favourite – offers its clients a variety of services in the areas of fashion, style and beauty.

“On this project, we shall be working with reputable fashion and beauty experts in Jordan, to give our customers the makeover they want and deserve, complementing their inner beauty,” added Ms. Enaya.

“The activity is also in partnership with our tenants at the mall, whereby the experts will be assisting the winners to pick the finest clothes and accessories that best fit them and their body type.” she continued.