Where creativity and arts come together featuring Alkhozama Fashion Exhibition 2014

May 6, 2014 1:06 pm

AlKhozama Banqueting and Conference Center Riyadh will be launching the first of its kind Fashion Art & Design Exhibition under the theme “Your Talent … Your Career”. The event which will be held in Riyadh from the third until the fifth of Ramadan (June 30 until July 2, 2014) is open to all art and fashion entrepreneurs and budding young talents to display their creative pieces and wares.

The goal of the exhibition is to shed light on the pool of talented art and fashion personalities across the Kingdom and regionally highlighting the growth this sector has witnessed and the leadership position it is taken with Riyadh being the ultimate fashion and art destination across the region. AlKhozama Banquet and Conference Center management in cooperation with Amal AlJibreen Associates set the strategy for the event in an effort to bring together the unique enterprises from an entrepreneurial and enterprise perspective building bridges of understanding and cooperation with target entities and stakeholders.

The event will be hosted at the AlKhozama Banqueting and Conference Center on King Khaled Road opposite of King Saud University and will feature a three-day event for women only with the opening night special invitation and tour for men.

During the event, the Triennial Bandar bin Abdulmohsen AlJibreen Award for creativity and arts will be launched and all participants are eligible to take part. The award is acknowledgement of the late Sheikh Bandar bin Abdulmohsen AlJibreen achievement and support of young talents especially in the field of arts and creative design. The award hosted every three years recognizes the budding talents achievements and is judged by a panel of independent judges based on a set criteria that recognizes originality, craftsmanship, elements of art, creativity, composition, presentation, degree of difficulty and overall concept and delivery. Judges will be visiting the booths of all eligible participants during the exhibition and will identify the top 3 winners who will be awarded cash prizes of SAR 75,000 for first place, SAR 50,000 for second place and 25,000 for third place.

This is the third time the Bandar bin Abdulmohsen AlJibreen Award will be featured the first launch of the award was during the Rahala event the second session was during the Hawiyyah Heritage Event by the AlFaisaliyah Women’s Welfare Organization in Jeddah. The award builds on the late Sheikh Bandar AlJibreen quote recognizing the need for working hard, ethically and with pride and excellence in delivery, “The achiever is the one who turns his source of income into his source of pride.”

“We are pleased to launch and be part of such an event that brings together talent creativity and pushes on the understanding of “Your Talent … Your Career” to work in something you love you leave behind the mindset of a job and it becomes passion for giving and a continuation of the self. This is how AlKhozama Banqueting and Conference Center was started with such a mindset and we hope to build on that and open avenues of development for others.” Commented Dr. Zaid Al Zaydi CEO of AlKhozama Banqueting and Conference Center.

The Annual AlKhozama Fashion Event 2014 will witness a number of key activities and participations including special training session for young women on communication and presentation skills and it is within the realm of objectives set by the organizers to build on the needs and abilities of upcoming generation.

AlKhozama Banqueting and Conference Center owner and organizer of the event is part of the AlMidad AlArdh Group a leading Real Estate and Development Company. Al Khozama Banqueting and Conference Center was launched in February of 2012 and managed to set the trend for events and banqueting functions achieving great success in the field through its specialized team who bring together a wide range of experience and knowledge in the event management, food and beverage industry. With event and conference halls, that seat from 50 to 2,500 people AlKhozaama Banqueting and Conference Center offers a unique offering in event excellence and delivery.

For further information, please contact:

Ahmad AlMalki
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