Service Hero reveals worst customer service sector in the UAE

December 4, 2017 5:03 pm

Customer Satisfaction in the UAE score is at a healthy 78.5 points and has improved 4% from the same period last year.

Older customers (aged over 40) seem to be most satisfied while younger customers (below 30) have marginally improved in satisfaction since the same time last year.

Sector-wise, electronics and supermarkets top the index while telecoms are where people are least satisfied, according to the survey by Service Hero, done in partnership with the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Sectors offering the worst service continue to be mobile operators 65.5 and retail banks 70.8, while the best performing sectors are electronics at 83.8, supermarkets at 83.3 and home furniture at 83 points, notes the survey report.

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Those changing the most since last year the most are Islamic banks 10%, fast food 6% and supermarkets 6%.

The Service Hero survey is based on the feedback collected between January until September this year on over 360 brands across 14 categories.

In terms of dimensions, dissatisfaction is highest for value and call centers while location and staff are healthy, notes the report.

What customers are most pleased with is location at 80.3 and staff attitude 79.0 points. While satisfaction has increased, scoring lowest are value for money at 76.3 and call center and 76.4.

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In terms of demographics, the survey says, customers vary in satisfaction with service based on how exposed and sophisticated they are; having a higher education makes them more likely to be intolerant of poor service, and harder to please.

So far, Arabs are least satisfied at 78.7 points while Non Arabs are most satisfied.  Masters and PhD holders are least satisfied at 73.7 as are males at 78.4, the survey adds.

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In term of age, the survey found the 18-29 age group least satisfied at 78.1 while middle-aged and older (over 40 years) are most satisfied at 80.3 and 84.8.

And lastly, satisfaction has increased the most with those aged 40-50 (8%), males (6%), and Emirati’s and Arabs (6% each), the survey concludes.


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